The title above is an excellent question in regards to The Omega Concern and Second Life, so I shall attempt to answer precisely that.

As you may know, mesh is being introduced to Second Life this summer. What is mesh, exactly? It's the way models are made in nearly every other 3D application, simulation and game, as opposed to SL's prim-based modelling method.

What it means for creators is being able to create content for SL in a way that's the industry standard, thus, a more productive and precise workflow. Having been testing mesh on the beta grid, I can tell you that it will save a lot of time in creation because what you see in your modelling suite is what you get when you upload - much much less trial and error.

What it means for end users (that would be 99.9% of SL) is higher fidelity models with lower rendering cost (i.e. better viewer performance) and things we're completely unable to do now, such as replacing the entire avatar mesh and create wearables that bend and flex with avatar animations.

As far as The Omega Concern, I have been working on several mesh models, streamlining my work flow and learning the best practices for mesh modelling for SL. This is one reason you haven't seen me much in-world, as mesh creation is done completely outside of SL in a 3D modelling suite such as Maya. The grid-wide deployment date for mesh, any unforeseen issues notwithstanding, is late August. Currently, I am to have three new mesh models ready then.

What kind of models, you ask? You know I'm not one to reveal things too early, but, they will be at least as iconic and impressive as the Apache and Abrams models that we have out now are. :)