Ideally, Omicron 2 would have been released over a year ago.  Granted, we didn't have the LSL functions that allow it to come in at a script count that would have been absurd not long ago.

There were a number of factors which caused me to hesitate on the development of it.

First, the debacle from the Omicron 1.4 to 1.5 releases honestly really bothered me.  2008 was a hard year for my real life, as it seemed just as I was getting back on my feet from one thing, something else came around and knocked me down.  I spent a lot of time not in-world, aside from finishing off a couple of releases that I had mostly completed before the walls came in on me.  I heard a lot of what was being said, in regards to Omi 1.4 not being updated to deal with Havok 4 and the asset cluster issues which were causing many other problems.  I know I shouldn't always, but I really do take to heart what people say about my work, good or bad.  I sincerely felt badly about letting down the very people who had made me successful in the first place.  And while I very much wanted to correct the issues that had come up, many were not correctable, and the degree to which things needed to be re-written required that single-minded focus that I was unable to conjure up while still trying to get my real life back together.  This delay is really why Omi 2 is being offered for free to anybody who's purchased 1.5.2 in the year before 2.0's release.

Two, there was talk from LL about impending script limits, but what those limits would be, nobody could say.  Anybody who's released even a moderately popular product to have LL roll out a new simulator version and cause something that worked last week not to work this week knows this special level of hell.

Three, I didn't want to rehash Omicron 1 and basically release the same thing in a new package.  I wanted it to be significantly better and more capable, something worthy of a full version increment, and it honestly took some time before the ideas really came together and I had a cohesive vision, about what it should be like.  A goal, if you will.

And finally, Omicron 1 was an unmitigated hit, which I can say with all modesty.  And following up on a product that became nearly ubiquitous, spawned a dozen competing, similar products and even had urban legends spring up around its capabilities sets the bar very high.  As I wrote, Omicron for many people is synonymous with The Omega Concern, which has been an amazing venture for me, and into which over the last 5 years I've invested and/or sacrificed most of my time, a couple of relationships and a fair bit of my sanity.  Feeling like all of that is hinging on a single release gives one an uncanny insight into deer caught in headlights.

But, as I write this, everything is ready to go, and momentarily Omicron 2 will be released upon the virtual world.  *crosses fingers*