The Omega Concern™ retains records of customer purchases and can provide replacements to the original purchaser on record in the event of inventory issues, accidental deletion or other circumstance.  We do recommend keeping the original box in which products are delivered, so that you may simply open and re-copy the contents to inventory, saving yourself much time and grief.  Most items purchased in Second Life® since 2010 July can be re-delivered to you via the service kiosk located in our main store in Second Life.

Sales are considered to be between The Omega Concern and the avatar to whom the product was originally delivered. We cannot send copies of purchases to an alternate avatar (i.e. "alt") due to the impossibility of verifying that these two avatars belong to and will remain under the control of  the same person, and the inevitability of abuse by unscrupulous individuals in the absence of such a policy.

We are unable to refund non-transferable items, but may at our discretion extend in-store credit on a case-by-case basis.