As this question has come up repeatedly, I wanted to be able to fully answer this question, and have said answer posted for everyone's convenience.

While VICE is popular in some circles, unfortunately VICE is an abandoned platform, as stated by the developer. It has not been updated whatsoever since 2009. With the core VICE scripts being no-modify and the great improvements to LSL that Linden Lab has developed in the last several years, adding VICE to my systems would cause them to use at least double the resources they do currently - meaning they would cause lag. There are also many outstanding bugs and limitations to VICE that obviously will not be addressed due to the abandoned status of the system.

I care a great deal about the script functionality and resource use of my products, which is why at this time I cannot in good conscience adopt VICE. Should it again become an active project, I would certainly give it another look.


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From time to time, from our records of purchasers, we will select those that appear likely to be interested in something that we've produced since the time of that purchase, and contact them via note card delivery.  We find advertising that is less than optimally focused to be discourteous and unsophisticated at best, which is why we don’t care to blanket every customer who’s ever bought anything.

We do not send promotional materials often, and only when we are either having a sale (Which since 2007 has been an annual event) or upon release of a new product, and only then to people who have purchased something in the past that may hint at their interest in the new release.  We would like to restrict these send-outs to once every six weeks at their most frequent.

We are also aware of the fact that some persons are very sensitive about being contacted for marketing purposes whatsoever.

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