There are many combat simulation systems in Second Life® and are commonly simply referred to as 'combat systems' or 'RP (role play) combat systems' and they cater to a wide array of users in a variety of applications depending on the needs and desires of the organizers and participants.  The Omega Combat System© (OCS) was designed from the ground up with the idea that realistic and balanced weapons and abilities make for a more challenging and compelling playing experience.

OCS was unleashed on Second Life in August of 2007, with the release of the initial line of OCS products and the opening of the Fulda Gap combat region.  Active development of new OCS products and the extension and refinement of the OCS protocols themselves continue, and will do so for the foreseeable future.

The OCS HUD manual outlines more of the specific features of the system.

  • OCS is a global system, and can be used anywhere in Second Life.
  • OCS Certified products have been researched to create a balanced and realistic counterpart in SL, taking into account the scale and capability of SL itself, as well as user interface and player experience.
  • Stamina and Fatigue system.
  • Armor system for personnel, vehicles and fortifications.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Persistent player data stored not within Second Life, but on an external server and associated with your unique avatar key.
  • Lifetime player stats and skills, allowing players to improve and become more potent fighters as they gain experience.
  • Multiple damage types that equate singly or in combination to real-world forces. These forces are applied to players, vehicles and even structures in an OCS combat theater. In a region such as Fulda Gap for example, one can blow a door off a building and follow it with a grenade to clear combatants from the room inside. Or, on a larger scale, walls, roofs and floors can be destroyed, denying cover to an enemy.
  • OCS constantly progressing, with a customized updating system to quickly and reliably deliver the latest updates.

OCS is live and in use at Fulda Gap, which is also where you're likely to get wind of new OCS products and features that are coming.