OmegaSneaks version 1.0

In a nutshell:

  • Product: OmegaSneaks? version 1.0a by The Omega Concern
  • Scripter and Modeler: April Heaney
  • Your Technical Contact: April Heaney
  • Revision date: 2006-08-14

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of OmegaSneaks?. These prim sneakers were designed by the finest minds and talent available at 2 AM over at April's place, to give you good looking footwear with sweet features that will make your friends with envy. (That's green for those who don't read RGB.)

The Omega Concern is dedicated to producing quality work at affordable prices, and we support everything we sell. April Heaney is the Scripter, Modeler and your Technical Contact for this product, and can assist you with any problems with your OmegaSneaks?. All of our products are designed with the balance of impact on sim performance and ease of use in mind. If you find one of our products to be causing lag, behaving in unexpected ways, or otherwise being a pest, we need to know so we can correct it. Also if you find the user interface to be confusing or otherwise difficult to use, please let us know.

All updates until version 2.0 are included in your purchase. Updates are delivered automatically to you in-world by The Omega Concern's hard-working Wall of Update Servers.

Feel free to join our customer group, Omega Concern Clients, as an easy way to learn about new products and updates. And since we hate spam as much or more than you do, you'll be lucky to hear from us once a day.


Included in this package are two prim sneakers and one set of shoe bases. Wear the shoe base (it's transparent) and then "Wear" the sneakers and they will find the appropriate feet. No adjustment should be required. Walk around. Look cool. The hard part is over.

All commands for changing the colors of your sneakers take this format:

The parts you may recolor by commands are:

color - Changes the main body color
trim - Trim color
laces - Your shoe laces
sole - The sole color

Colors may be entered in floating RGB as in:
/14 color

Or in hex (also called web colors) such as:
/14 color #FF5500

Or, you may enter a name such as:
/14 color red

Colors available by name are as follows:

Aliceblue, antiquewhite, aqua, aquamarine, azure, beige, bisque, black, blanchedalmond, blue, blueviolet, brown, burlywood, cadetblue, carnationpink, chartreuse, chocolate, coral, cornflowerblue, cornsilk, crimson, cyan, darkblue, darkcyan, darkgoldenrod, darkgray, darkgreen, darkkhaki, darkmagenta, darkolivegreen, darkorange, darkorchid, darkred, darksalmon, darkseagreen, darkslateblue, darkslategray, darkturquoise, darkviolet, deeppink, deepskyblue, dimgray, dodgerblue, firebrick, floralwhite, forestgreen, fuchsia, gainsboro, ghostwhite, gold, goldenrod, gray, green, greenyellow, honeydew, hotpink, indianred, indigo, ivory, khaki, lavender, lavenderblush, lawngreen, lemonchiffon, lightblue, lightcoral, lightcyan, lightgoldenrodyellow, lightgreen, lightgrey, lightpink, lightsalmon, lightseagreen, lightskyblue, lightslategray, lightsteelblue, lightyellow, lime, limegreen, linen, magenta, maroon, mediumaquamarine, mediumblue, mediumorchid, mediumpurple, mediumseagreen, mediumslateblue, mediumspringgreen, mediumturquoise, mediumvioletred, midnightblue, mintcream, mistyrose, moccasin, navajowhite, navy, oldlace, olive, olivedrab, orange, orangered, orchid, palegoldenrod, palegreen, paleturquoise, palevioletred, papayawhip, peachpuff, peru, pink, plum, powderblue, purple, red, rosybrown, royalblue, saddlebrown, salmon, sandybrown, seagreen, seashell, sienna, silver, skyblue, slateblue, slategray, snow, springgreen, steelblue, tan, teal, thistle, tomato, turquoise, violet, wheat, white, whitesmoke, yellow, and yellowgreen.

If for some reason you can't remember this list in its entirety, typing /14 list will give you this list.

You may resize these sneakers easily if you are making them larger, simply edit, grab a white grip and pull until they fit.. Making a new pair smaller will be a challenge as the laces and trim are already at minimum dimensions and will need to be resized separately.

This is the end of this notecard. Enjoy your new OmegaSneaks?, and again, The Omega Concern appreciates your business.