Eye of Horus by The Omega Concern

  • Product: Omega Eye of Horus version 1.1.5 by The Omega Concern
  • Scripter: April Heaney
  • Support Address: protectEmail('heaney.april', 'gmail.com', '@');This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.heaney.april at gmail.com
  • Your Technical Contact: April Heaney
  • Modeler & Animator: Cable Junot
  • Revision date: 2007 June 01

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of the Eye of Horus combat system. This system is designed to allow the user nearly total protection from kills, pushes and other combat hazards while allowing the user the ability to defeat nearly any opponent easily in a combat area. Please read this card before using your new combat system.

You are eligible for all upgrades on this version, right up until version 2.0, which will be delivered automatically to you by the Omega Concern's update servers.

The Omega Concern is dedicated to producing quality work at affordable prices, and we support everything we sell. April Heaney is the Scripter and your Technical Contact for this product, and can assist you with any problems with your combat system. All of our products are designed with the balance of impact on sim performance and ease of use in mind. If you find one of our products to be causing lag, behaving in unexpected ways, or otherwise being a pest, we need to know so we can correct it. Also if you find the user interface to be confusing or otherwise difficult to use, please let us know.

THERE IS A TECHNICAL SUPPORT PASSPHRASE SOMEWHERE IN THIS NOTECARD, WHICH YOU MUST USE WHEN FIRST CONTACTING YOUR TECHNICAL CONTACT ABOUT THIS PRODUCT. We just do this to make sure you've read the instructions so that we can assist people with truly vexing problems not already answered within.

Do note: This system can be abused and used to annoy and harass others. Don't do that. By purchasing and using this system, you agree to use it for its intended purpose: Combat with willing and consenting participants in an area designated for combat. No other application is intended or endorsed.

Your feedback is valued! If there's something you love, hate, or just think would be better if it were just a little different, we want to know. Your input directly influences the course of development and future features of Omega products. Feel free to join our customer group, 'Omega Concern Clients.' Please do not ask your support questions on the group channel - contact your Technical Contact directly.



1: Set your client draw distance to at least 320 meters, and check "Disable Camera Constraints" in the client debug menu.
2: Repeat step one. This is the #1 reason new owners have issues with EoH.
3: Drag the 'Eye of Horus 1.1' onto the ground or other appropriate surface near you. The bot will initialize and take up a hover near your head.
4: Right-click and select "Activate" - your camera view should remain with the bot. If not, try hitting your Escape key.
5: Click the shell of the bot, or the area over the turbine. This will pop up the main menu or the custom user menu respectively.


The Custom Menu notecard can be thought of as a way to pop up a menu that sends the system any command on the command channel. Typically, these are your most used commands, which allow you access to them with two clicks. The card included is preconfigured in the format that is required. Each button must be on its own line, and must contain no spaces. Keep in mind that a button may be at most 24 characters long, and depending on character width, less than 12 characters are typically displayed on the buttons. The custom menu is limited to 12 entries.

The custom menu can be accessed by clicking the area of the exhaust port in the back of EoH, which you can see by hilighting transparencies (Control-Alt-T). Clicking elsewhere on the shell of the bot will bring up the main menu.

If you are puzzled as to why you keep losing the "More..." option from your menu, you are likely clicking on the custom menu area.


The Eye of Horus is powerful, but simple to use. Simply drag the bot out of your inventory, and it will rez and come to you and set itself in a hover at around shoulder height. You'll see various messages as it configures itself. When it is finished, it it ready to use. Right clicking on it will bring up the "Activate" option. Choosing this will put you on the bot, but set elsewhere offset from the bot to keep you out of harm's way. This function is determined by EoH's Mode, which functions as follows:

Nonphys: Causes you to 'hover' to the right of the bot. You can use your flying movement keys as normal. Be aware that even with interceptors on, this is a rather vulnerable position to be in.

Low: Offsets your avatar 50 meters below the bot and 10 meters behind. This is a typical 'underground bot' configuration and offers moderate protection.

Med: Offsets your avatar 99 meters below the bot and 10 meters behind. This is considerably more defensible than 'Low' but you may still be killed at this depth.

High: Offsets your avatar out of the current sim. What this means to you is that as long as you are careful with the placement of EoH and your avatar, you are invincible. Even other users with EoH will not be able to kill you in this mode. However, crossing sim borders and just plain screwing up can result in your untimely demise.

To set to high mode, one would type: /20 mode high

DO NOTE: This mode requires your camera to be untethered or you're not going to be seeing anything. To untether your camera:
Bring up the debug menus: Control-Alt-Shift-D? if not already visible.
Under the 'Client' menu, activate 'Disable Camera Constraints'
Also, it is IMPORTANT to have your draw distance set to at least 300 meters in your SL client under Preferences >> Graphics.

EoH will warn you in Low and Medium modes if you are approaching an altitude that will expose your avatar to normal weapons fire. When in High mode, it will warn you if your avatar is in the same region as EoH, which can expose you to weapons, especially if your avie is also above ground.

EoH hates litter. Therefore, in addition to self-deleting after 5 minutes if it can not find you, it has a one-hour countdown timer. You will get a warning 30 minutes into this time, where you may reset the timer, stop the timer, or ignore it, in which case it will self-delete after one hour has passed in total.


Movement on EoH is like any other movement, utilizing the same keys one would for flying. EoH uses a non-physical engine to move quickly and smoothly around and through sims. Beware of sim crossings! Anyone who owns a vehicle knows the hazard that is crossing a sim border, so you're advised to take those slow. Or not, if you like the thrill of living dangerously.

Also, during the hand-off from one sim to another, you ARE vulnerable. Be wary of making a sim cross if a persistent and following weapon is all over you like white on rice.

All commands can be spoken (when the bot is closer than 20 meters), or shouted on channel 20, except when the mode is set to 'High' and you are on the bot. Therefore to get Horus to stay in one place and not follow you around, say '/20 stay'. Any command that can be pulled up via the click menu can be sent to the bot via chat.

Also, if the view of EoH is blocked, making it unclickable, the menus can be brought up with the following key combos:
Main Menu: Press the Forward and Back keys at once.
Custom Menu: Press the Left and Right keys at once.

MENU: Pops up the main menu, the same as clicking on the shell of EoH will.

DISMOUNT: Only for use when the EoH is in 'High' mode. The bot will instant message you with an SLURL, which when clicked, will pop up the world map. Click 'Teleport' and you will be taken to the bot. One caveat: In regions that route all traffic through a telehub, you may not end up near your EoH, but you will be in the same sim.

FIND: Sends a harmless beam of particles towards the avatar's name you specify. It will match partial names (i.e. "cab" will match both "Cabal" and "Cabbage") and is not case sensitive. The first match it finds will be the one it focuses on.

INTERCEPTORS: An active shield system, useful against physical bullets. While EoH itself needs no protection of this sort, its hover proximity to you makes these useful shields while the bot is deployed and following you. EoH will rez a multilayered shield in the direction the shot came from, and attempt to bounce the projectile back along its path towards its origin. It will also report to you who the projectile belongs to, and launches a retaliatory kill unit against them.

As of 1.0.1, the interceptors have three modes: Off, On, and Disrupt. Disrupt will fling any active, moving physical object within 48 meters of you away at high speed. Be very careful with this mode! It will disrupt vehicles and other physics enabled objects, though it will not directly affect avatars.

MODE: (Nonphys / low / med / high) Changes EoH's avatar defense settings. Note: you must "stand up" or "dismount" from EoH and re-activate for the change to take effect.

REMENU: Toggles if the main menu will pop back up after selection of a module.

SCAN: Scans the area near EoH for avatars and reports their range and approximate direction.

STAY: Causes EoH to stop following you and rotating with your view. Do note that EoH will still self destruct if it cannot find you for 5 minutes. Repeating this command will cause EoH to again follow you.

SOUND: Toggles the radar 'beep' when someone new comes within 96 meters of EoH

RESET: Resets all the scripts in the unit.

VISIBILITY: Toggles the visibility of the bot.

HELP or ?: Gives you a handy quick reference card of commands.

DESTRUCT: Causes the bot to destroy itself in 10 seconds. If you're on EoH at the time, make sure you 'Stand Up' or use the 'dismount' command before this happens, or strange and ugly things can happen. Also, 'destructnow' on the command channel will cause EoH to self-destruct immediately.


While activated, EoH will relay all chat that it hears. Also, while you are in 'Low' and 'Medium' modes, EoH will relay chat that you send to it. Commands related to communications are as follows:

SAY, SHOUT, WHISPER and EMOTE (Also 'S', 'SH', 'WH' and 'EM' respectively): Used before a message to be sent to the world at large from the bot. 'Emote' function as /me does in normal chat. So, to emote a smile, you would type: '/20 em smiles.' and people would see: 'Eye of Horus smiles.'

CHAN: Allows you to change the channel EoH listens on from the default 20 to any number you wish, as long as that number is between 1 and 2,147,483,647.

NAME: Changes the name EoH uses to relay your chat. So for instance, if you typed '/20 name Mom' and then '/20 sh This sim is a pig sty!' would result in seeing 'Mom shouts: This sim is a pig sty!' being shouted to the world at large.

The HUD Rezzer

A simple, convenient way to keep your EoH handy and quickly deployable. Wear the HUD Rezzer. You'll get a snazzy EoH logo on your screen somewhere. Edit and adjust its position as needed. Then, to rez an EoH in front of you, either click the logo, or say '/1 rez' and it will rez the EoH contained inside the HUD Rezzer.

If you have custom settings you wish to use every time, save those settings in EoH, take it back into your inventory, and place that copy inside the HUD Rezzer.

EoH tracks your camera rotation and will seek and launch weapons in that direction. It's easiest to focus on EoH itself, and make use of the sighting reticule on the top if you desire high accuracy. Then, simply rotate your view so that EoH is in your approximate line of sight between your camera and your intended target. Then, click the bot, or send a command via chat. In need of help, your helpful words are "Ra is a punk."

Many of these modules will give additional choices, typically of targets to dispatch. Depending on location there can be a slight delay between these events. Do note: many of these require you to be able to create objects in the area you are in.

ANTIGRAV: Lifts away and does damage to the selected avatar. Less forceful than orbit, but more persistent and damaging in combat areas.

BLAST: Blasts a chosen avatar away from you at high speed. Often fatal in damage areas.

BLASTOBJ: Similar to BLAST, but targets active physical objects instead, such as vehicles.

BULLET: Rezzes a nonphysical, shield-breaking bullet that seeks inside of a narrow path along your camera's line of sight. Be aware, this bullet will traverse up to 4 sims.

BURST: Just like BULLET, but fires five bullets in rapid succession.

CONCUSSION: Causes a shockwave that pushes everyone around Horus away with significant force.

HELLFIRE-C: An avatar-seeking missile that will home in on the first avatar it finds and explodes upon impact or close proximity. This missile will pass through sim borders. Approximate effective blast radius: 30 meters.

HELLFIRE-N: Like the Hellfire-C above, but with a nuclear payload. Approximate effective blast radius: 90 meters.

HELLFIRE-NPN: Hellfire, Non-Physical? Neutron warhead model. Avatar seeking, high speed and shield-breaking. This warhead will go off *inside* of your target's shields, and still clean house for a 90 meter radius around said target.

CYGNUS: Cygnus X-1 is a black hole that will appear approximately 30 meters above Horus and proceed to pull in all avatars within 96 meters and kill them upon contact with its event horizon. Beware, it will also pull in and kill you if you are not properly secured. Also voted EoH's "Most entertaining" weapon.

KILL: Kill is your Swiss-Army? knife of weaponry. In damage areas, it will slice through shields and deliver a fatal blow to your target. In non-damage areas, it deploys The Omega Concern's Destabil payload, which while slightly unpredictable will typically send the target to -2 billion meters, even in no-push zones.

NAPALM: Set your enemies aflame and watch as they're trapped and burn for the rest of their lives. Which is about 20 seconds.

NEUTRON: This weapon will fire a hypervelocity nuclear shell to a location 5 meters in front of your camera position. Therefore, if you have moved your camera to a neighboring sim and focus on your friend Jim, placing him 5 meters in front of your view, firing this will deliver the weapon on top of Jim where it will detonate. Also cleans out the area for ~90 meters around ground zero.

NUKE: Airbursts a nuclear warhead 40 meters over Horus. The shockwave propels avatars and objects away from the detonation, radiation kills whoever remains alive inside of its 96 meter blast zone, and lingering radioactivity makes the area fatal for those who loiter in its glowing green goodness.

SMASH: Smashes your enemies against the ground. Typically this is fatal in combat areas.

WOODCHUCK: Other pesky bots about? Your HUD based weapon not work on them? Send in the Woodchuck. Will hunt down and kill avatars up to *300* meters below the surface.

SMOKE: Creates thick, blinding, annoying smoke that follows your target around for three minutes.

DISRUPT: Applies ludicrous force to any physical object. Objects typically vanish from our plane of existence and instantly find themselves in "Lost and Found." If object is a vehicle, life becomes very exciting for passengers of said vehicle.

ORBIT: The classic way to send your opponents far away. This one will put them a few million meters up.

OSMASH: Just like orbit, but in reverse! Say "Go to hell" and mean it. Awarded "Meanest weapon I've ever been hit with" by Jessica Lindsay.

NERVE-GAS: Deploys a hissing canister of nerve gas that will render those downwind twitchy and quickly dispatched.

TRAP: A most annoying trap that looks suspiciously like something from the first Superman movie.

HUNTER: Dropped mine that can be given a name or partial name on channel 1200 and will intercept that person if they come near.

SKY-HUNTER: Similar to the Hunter, this mine patrols up and down from its launch point, intercepting and killing enemies in its wake.


ISSUE: The bot 'throws' me around when I activate.

This is most likely due to one of two things: Your draw distance is below 300 meters, or, you have not released camera constraints. To do so:

Bring up the debug menus: Control-Alt-Shift-D? if not already visible. Under the 'Client' menu, activate 'Disable Camera Constraints.' And set draw distance to over 300 meters in your SL client under Preferences >> Graphics.

Adjust these in your SL client and activate EoH again.

ISSUE: I got killed! WTF?

EoH is only truly invulnerable in 'high' mode, and even in this mode you need to heed warnings given by EoH in the event you have placed yourself in a compromising position. Low and Medium modes are effective against *most* attack types, but you may get hit by certain weapons. Again, sim crossings are inherently hazardous, and the only advice is to take these slowly and carefully.

ISSUE: The menu randomly loses the "More..." button.

You are activating the custom menu area by clicking over the jet in the back of EoH. The rest of the shell will pop up the main menu. These can be distinguished by looking at the text at the top of the pop up menu, as one will say "Main Menu" and the other "Custom Menu."


Yes, this manual is Spartan considering the capabilities and nuances of this system. We've tried to give you the essentials to its operation and commands, and its basic capabilities. However, we'd like to appeal to your adventuresome side and say, "Hey, just get out there and play with it, try things out, see what you can do." The beta testers and those of you who saw us out testing this system know that is exactly how we developed it.

With a project of this relative complexity, thanks have to go out to Kali Zeluco, Cable Junot, Erin Goodnight, and everyone who was a good sport in Rausch when we were in the R&D phase. Thank you!

And above all else, have fun. :)