Bravo Armor Set

In a nutshell:
  • Product: Bravo Armor Set 1.0a by The Omega Concern
  • Scripter and Modeler: April Heaney
  • Your Technical Contact: April Heaney
  • Revision date: 2006-07-27

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of the Bravo armor set by The Omega Concern. This armor is designed to make you look good, and that's pretty much it. If you're in need of weaponized armor, this is not for you. :) Please read this card before wearing your new armor set.


With the new folder functionality in 1.11.1, you may simply right click on the folder containing this set in your inventory and either add this armor to your existing outfit (won't knock your hair, AO, HUDs, naughty bits(ow!), etc off) or simply replace everything you have on with the contents of said folder.

The body shape that comes with the Bravo is the shape that the armor was designed around. That's why we thought you'd like to have it. However, in an effort to not have a thousand clones of yours truly running around, the face sliders have mostly been neutralized. This will give you "trainwreck face." The easiest thing to do is to take note of your face sliders on your favorite shape, and change them in the shape that comes with the armor set.

If you don't like being 5'6" with shoes on (a virtual Smurf in SL terms) you may adjust the shape that comes with the set, or use a shape of your own choosing. The armor will easily size up by editing the parts and using the white edit grips. Checking the box "Stretch both sides" will help you immensely in keeping things aligned.

If you DO need to size it down, your life will be harder, as many of the 235 prims that make up this set already have one or more dimensions at their minimum settings. While it can be done, you won't be finished in 10 minutes flat like your Amazonian sisters.

The shirt, pants and shoes that come with the set may be slider-adjusted to any length, as long as that length is shorter than the default. This is because to produce the clothing as it is, the textures were made with alpha transparencies, instead of using the sliders to attempt in vain to produce the desired coverage and shape.


Clicking the visor will toggle it up and down with a very cool click, and when going from up to down, with a sweet symphony of cybery-electric sounds. Clicking just ahead of the laser on the left earpiece (there's a small, invisible prim out there that does the work) will toggle the laser on and off. In mouselook, the laser will go where you're looking, so you can finally give PowerPoint? presentations.

The suit is copy and modifiable, no transfer. This means you can make a hundred of them, screw 50 up, trash 30, and lose another 10 in your inventory and you still have 10 variations to choose from and wear. Of course, we suggest you keep an unaltered, unworn copy of the whole set, for those little mishaps that happen to us all.

This is the end of this notecard. Enjoy your new armor, and again, The Omega Concern appreciates your business.