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Omega Rez Locus 1.2

In a nutshell:

  • Product: Omega Rez Locus 1.2 by The Omega Concern
  • Scripter: April Heaney
  • Your Technical Contact: April Heaney
  • Revision date: 2008-09-23

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of the Omega Rez Locus. This system is robustly designed with commercial and personal builders in mind who need a simple, reliable method of retailing, moving and storing builds too large to link into one set. Please read this card before using your new Rez Locus.

The Omega Concern is dedicated to producing quality work at affordable prices, and we support everything we sell for the life of the product. April Heaney is the Scripter and your Technical Contact for this product, and can assist you with any problems with your Rez Locus. All of our products are designed with the balance of impact on sim performance and ease of use in mind. If you find one of our products to be causing lag, behaving in unexpected ways, or otherwise being a pest, we need to know so we can correct it. Also if you find the user interface to be confusing or otherwise difficult to use, please let us know.

THERE IS A TECHNICAL SUPPORT PASSPHRASE SOMEWHERE IN THIS NOTECARD, WHICH YOU MUST USE WHEN FIRST CONTACTING YOUR TECHNICAL CONTACT ABOUT THIS PRODUCT. We just do this to make sure you've read the instructions so that we can use our limited time to assist people with truly vexing problems not already answered within.

You are eligible for all upgrades on this version, right up until version 2.0. Updates will be automatically delivered to you from The Omega Concern's update servers.

Your feedback is valued! If there's something you love, hate, or just think would be better if it were just a little different, we want to know. Your input directly influences the course of development and future features of Omega products.


  • Snap: Snaps the anchor (the Locus itself) to a whole number grid and rotates it to zero rotation. Handy if you're the type of builder who builds to the grid and likes everything mathematically neat.
  • Store: Sends a command to the prims containing the 'Rez Child' script to store their positions and rotations relative to the anchor. They will store this data in the description field of each linked set.
  • Rez: Causes all objects inside of the Locus to be rezzed and move into their stored positions and rotations.
  • Check: Checks that parts from inventory are rezzed and tracking.
  • Reset: Will reset all Rez Child scripts in all parts, resetting their stored vectors and rotations.
  • Set: Deletes child scripts, meaning the build will no longer follow the Locus. This command will ask for confirmation.
  • Delete: Deletes all prims containing the 'Rez Child' script. This command will ask for confirmation.

DO NOT SELECT DELETE... If the objects inside the Locus are NOT COPYABLE. The Locus can and will rez no-copy items, but the originals will NOT remain in the Locus after Rez.


1. SET THE ANCHOR DOWN. Place a fresh Rez Locus anchor near your build. One Locus can control child parts anywhere in the same sim. It will NOT work on parts that are over a sim border. Click the Rez Locus. From the pop-up dialog select 'Snap' if you want to snap and rotate the Locus to grid.

2. PLACE A REZ CHILD SCRIPT INTO EACH LINK SET. It is best if you have linked your build into as few large pieces as possible. Items such as doors, flexible objects, phantom objects and others that need to move or have special attributes should not be linked to the body of the build.

Each linked set and unlinked prims will need a copy of the 'Rez Child' script inside it, which you can find inside of the Locus itself. If a linked set or prim does not get this script in it, it will NOT move with the Locus anchor.

"Rez Locus Child Script Inside" will appear in hovertext over the object once you drop the script in to let you know that it has been scripted. If you accidentally drop a child script into a non-root prim, it will warn you.
The Rez Child script will append each part name with "RezLoc." This makes for easier identifying of parts when they are taken into your inventory.

Some scripted items such as doors that set their own positions in use may have issues, and may require special handling. Refer to the creator's instructions for these items.

Click the Rez Locus. From the pop-up dialog select 'Store' - you will get messages from each part that has the 'Rez Child' script inside. Each set will also change the hovertext overhead to "Rez Locus: Tracking". This indicates that the positions and rotations are stored.

4. TEST. There are two ways to check that you are ready for the next step. If you know the number of link sets you have in total, select "Check" from the Locus menu. It will report how many parts are tracking the anchor. Or, you may rotate or move the Locus. The build will shuffle into the new position. This is when to look for parts that have not moved. Check these 'orphaned' parts for the 'Rez Child' script. If they are missing that script, move the Locus back to its previous position (control-Z will work) and repeat step 2 for the orphans, and step three to store again.

Take all parts into your inventory. You may take the build as one object (by drag-selecting it at once, right-clicking and selecting 'Take'), or as multiple parts. The Locus will re-rez all objects inside of it when commanded to regardless. However, the Locus will only be able to verify the correct number of parts are rezzed and tracking the anchor if you take them individually. Place all of this inside of the Locus.

6. TAKE THE LOCUS. Your tech support magic words are 'I'm your boogie man.'  If you are intending to use the Locus to distribute builds, you will have to remove the 'Rez Locus Update' script from inside of it.


1. SET THE ANCHOR DOWN. Place the Locus where you want the build. Beware of sim edges! Parts may move off-world and land in your lost and found folder or into adjacent sims where they will not move properly.

2. REZ THE PARTS. Click the Locus. Select 'Snap' if you wish. Next, select 'Rez' and the Locus will rez every object in its inventory. These parts will move to their previously defined locations relative to the Locus. These positions can be anywhere within the same sim as the anchor. If a part attempts to move over a sim border, it will become "compressed" against the sim edge, but will not go over.

The Rez Locus will rez every object in its contents, in alphabetical order. As it does, it waits for confirmation that the object has in fact rezzed. If it has, it moves down the list to the next object and so on until it is finished. If for some reason (lag, parcel restriction, etc) it can not rez a part, it will attempt to do so after a three-second delay, and will make three such attempts. If it fails on all of these attempts the entire rezzing operation will abort.

Once rezzed, you may click "Check" to ensure all parts from within the Locus contents have been rezzed. Do note: If multiple link sets are taken at once and placed inside the Locus, it will only see them as a single object in inventory. This means you may get results saying 5 of 4 objects are rezzed and tracking. You may also get what appears to be all objects tracking when one or more may be missing.

3. POSITION WHERE YOU NEED THE BUILD. If you wish to move or rotate the build, select the Locus and move and rotate it. The build will move around it, maintaining relative positions to the Locus. If things seem to lag or not quite snap perfectly in place, click on the Locus and pull up the menu (which you may dismiss), or try moving the Locus slightly and then back. This should 'wake up' lagging parts and get them to move into position.

4. SET THE BUILD IN PLACE. Happy where the build is? Select 'Set' from the menu. After asking you for confirmation, the movement scripts will send you a message and delete themselves. You may now delete or take the Locus back into your inventory.

5. Oops? Don't really want the Eiffel tower so close to your Taj Mahal? Select 'Delete' and all the parts rezzed from the Locus containing the 'Rez Child' script will be deleted after asking you for confirmation.

DO NOT SELECT DELETE... If the objects inside the Locus are NOT COPYABLE. The Locus can and will rez no-copy items, but the originals will NOT remain in the Locus after Rez.


The description field of the anchor will show the current channel on which the Locus is communicating with its children. If this field is set to zero, is blank, or otherwise not a number, the Locus will randomly choose a channel, which it will pass to children when "Store" is selected. This also means one may set this number and reset the script (or change the contents of the anchor) and the Locus will use the chosen channel.

The Locus anchor will also take two commands on link channel 2000. By default, when sent a string on link channel 2000, the Locus will go through its inventory and rez all parts whose names successfully substring match the supplied string. So, for example:

llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS, 2000, "MyBuild", NULL_KEY);

Would match the objects "MyBuild Roof", "FloorMyBuild", "MyBuild 1", etc.

Sending the following would tell the Locus to delete all children:

llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS, 2000, "del", NULL_KEY);

This is the end of this notecard. Enjoy your new Rez Locus, and again, The Omega Concern appreciates your business.