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The Omega Concern's Affiliate Vendor is intended for those who wish to earn a commission by hosting a vendor at their location and facilitating the sale of TOC's products.  This manual will describe the relatively painless set up process.

Important Things To Know

For security reasons, we can only offer these vendors to those accounts which have payment information.  Also, the vendors are copyable, but no-modify and no-transfer, but feature a re-sizer function to allow an affiliate to better fit the vendor into their existing space.

Vendors In This Pack

The vendors come in five models, each featuring a different number of panels for display of products.  These have 6, 8, 12, 14 and 17 panels as shown in the illustration above.

Set Up

To set up the vendors, perform the following steps:

  1. After unpacking the box in which the vendors come, drag the vendor of choice from your inventory and place it where you wish to have it.
  2. Click the central and largest face of the vendor.  You, being the owner, will get a drop-down dialogue box.  The lower face of the vendor with The Omega Concern's logo on it, will give you, the owner, the web link to product information, just as if you were a normal customer.
  3. If you wish to re-size the vendor, select Resize from the menu, and you will be able to scale the vendor up and down.  Restore will return the vendor to its original dimensions.  When you are done, select Done.
  4. Select Load from the menu.  The vendor will connect with the server and download the current product catalogue.  This will take a few moments, and the vendor will inform you when it is done, and tell you the total number of products available and the current commission rate.  'Self commission' refers to whether affiliates themselves receive a commission as a discount against their own purchases.  The default is currently off.
  5. Once loaded, click the central face of the vendor, and the drop-down menu will give you the option Online.  This will put the vendor online, so that it can be used by customers for purchases.  You will need to give the vendor permission to take Linden Dollars (L$) from you.  This is required, and is only for the purpose of forwarding the amount, minus the affiliate commission to April Heaney.  For items that are on sale for less than L$10, the affiliate (that's you) will keep the full amount, as opposed to the normal commission.

The Reset option is to reset the vendor to its initial state.  You will need to load the product catalogue again after it is reset.

The Delete option is if you wish to permanently remove the vendor.  Please use this option instead of simply deleting the vendor, as vendors are registered on the server so that catalogue updates may be pushed out to them in a timely manner.

Once online, the Offline option will appear for you when you click the main face.  The vendor must be put offline before the other options are available.

Care and Feeding

The vendors are for the most part meant to be placed once and left alone.  When catalogue or other vendor data updates are available, the vendor will contact the server and fetch the new data. The vendors are polite enough to wait until they are not in use before momentarily going offline to fetch the data, which will only take a moment, and then will bring itself back online.  You will get messages from the vendor telling you it is doing so.

When a sale is made, the vendor will withdraw the amount of the sale, minus the affiliate commission and will pay that amount to April Heaney.  For example: Assume the commission rate is 20%.  An item is sold for L$1950, so you will see in your transaction history that you receive the full amount from the purchaser, and then L$1560 is withdrawn, leaving you L$390 in commission.

The End

This document should get you up and running with The Omega Concern's Affiliate Vendor system.  If you have any problems with the system, for the most prompt reply, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contact April Heaney.