XM-109 25mm Sniper Rifle Manual

Product: XM-109 25mm Sniper Rifle v1.2
by The Omega Concern
Scripter, Modeler & Animator: April Heaney
Support Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Product Revision Date: 2010-04-23
Manual Revision Date: 2008-02-08

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of the The Omega Concern's XM-109 25mm Sniper Rifle. This rifle is designed to allow the user to use it in a combat or role-play setting, and is designed for seamless compatibility with the Omega Combat System, the premier combat simulation system in Second Life.

Please read this manual before using your new rifle.

You are eligible for all upgrades on this version, right up until version 2.0, which will be delivered automatically to you by the Omega Concern's update servers.

THERE IS A TECHNICAL SUPPORT PASSPHRASE IN THIS MANUAL, WHICH YOU MUST USE WHEN FIRST CONTACTING YOUR TECHNICAL CONTACT ABOUT THIS PRODUCT. We just do this to make sure you've read the instructions so that we can assist people with truly vexing problems not already answered within.

This rifle can be abused and used to annoy and harass others. Don't do that. By purchasing and using it, you agree to use it with willing and consenting participants. No other application is intended or endorsed.

Equipping the rifle

The rifle kit has three components which should be attached like so:

HUD XM-109: By default, this Heads Up Display attaches to the center screen point, but it may be attached anywhere on the screen.

Slung XM-109: By default, attaches to your spine attachment point and appears on your back. May be moved to any other point you wish, but keep in mind the sling and unsling animations expect it to be somewhere on your back.

XM-109: This attaches to your right hand attachment point, and may only be attached there because the animations work with the assumption that it is there.

Yes, you wear all three parts, which may be done easily by right-clicking the XM-109 folder in your inventory and selecting "Add to Outfit." Alternatively, "Replace Outfit" will work, but bear in mind you will only be wearing the 109 after that operation.


The rifle is primarily controlled from the HUD. The HUD will attach to the bottom left of your screen. It may be attached to any point on your screen, and when the frame is clicked, will expand or collapse to display options or get out of your way. The HUD will recall where you moved it in both the maximized and minimized positions. This allows for some flexibility in how and where the HUD display appears.

Your support passphrase is "Cannons are love."

The HUD performs the following functions:

Sling/Unsling: This takes the rifle from its slung position on your back and places it into your hands.

Bullet Velocity: Allows you to choose the velocity of the bullets. As a general rule, if you are firing at close targets, a lower velocity will work better than a high one. The 109 bullets are made for high velocities, resulting in less of a "tunneling effect" where bullets appear to pass through solid objects without hitting them.

Magazine Remaining: Graphic representation of how many bullets are left in the magazine. The 109 has a 5 round magazine, after which it needs to be reloaded.

Ammo Selector: Clicking this will bring up the ammunition menu where you can pick the ammo you wish to fire.

Prone Toggle: While the rifle is unslung and in your hands, this toggles your pose between standing and prone. If your prone position buries you in the ground, or makes you float above it, see the "Animation Menu" below.

In OCS mode, prone can also be toggled with the "C" or Page Down key. The "E" or Page Up key will also bring you back to a standing position from prone. While in OCS mode, you will find your movement while prone to be limited, with a forward or backward tap of the direction keys only moving you a short way. This is intentional.

Options: This brings up the options menu, where you can choose to suppress shell and magazine ejection.

Animation Menu: The animation menu allows you to adjust your prone position height in case the magic formula the 109 uses to guess where you should be when prone doesn't quite work for you. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go prone on a flat area.
  2. Press "Prone +" or "Prone -" until you are happy with where your avatar appears.
  3. Stand up again. You're done.

The animation menu also allows you to stop or restart the shuffling of the holding poses, allowing you to hold your favorite pose, or resume the default operation which is to shuffle through the available standing poses.

Ammunition Types and Notes

In OCS mode, the selection of ammunition is limited to a pre-selected list of OCS-compatible ammunition.


As a general rule, all bullets described as "physical" may be stopped by shields or deflected by interceptors. Push ammunition will work only in non-push-restricted areas.

  • OCS 109: OCS compatible bullet with a mean damage of 150 points.
  • OCS TRC 109: Same as above, but as a tracer.
  • HEDP OCS 109: OCS compatible HEDP (High Explosive, Dual Purpose) round for use against personnel, and light vehicles and buildings. A player is given 10 HEDP rounds at a time. Once these are exhausted, there is a 5 minute resupply time before another 10 HEDP rounds will be available.
  • DMG 109: Standard type physical combat damage bullet, effective only in damage-enabled combat areas.
  • DMG-TRC109: Same as above, but as a tracer.
  • PSH 109: Physical bullet type which delivers a strong push in the direction of travel to avatars or objects with which it comes into contact.
  • PSH-TRC 109: Same as above, but as a tracer.
  • NP DMG: A non-physical shield-breaking bullet which delivers 100% damage to an avatar in damage-enabled combat areas.
  • NP PSH: A non-physical shield-breaking bullet which delivers a strong push in the direction of travel to avatars.
  • NP PSHO: A non-physical shield-breaking bullet which delivers a strong push in the direction of travel to physical objects.

Gestures and Chat Control

Included in the rifle kit is a set of gestures bound to F-keys. These gestures simply send the given command to the rifle on channel 24, so you don't have to click the buttons on the HUD itself. You DO need to keep the HUD on, however, as it is what parses the commands as they come in. Also, you may say commands directly on channel 24, for example typing "/24 unsling" would unsling the rifle, if it was slung at the time.

Do note that you may have other gestures using the same F-keys as the ones included in this package.  To locate and correct these conflicts, press control - G in your viewer and click on the"Key" column header to sort by key assignment. The F-keys are merely my suggested key bindings, feel free to reassign them to whatever works for you.

The following is a list of chat/gesture commands for the rifle:

  • sltog - Toggles slinging/unslinging of the rifle
  • sling - Slings the rifle
  • unsling - Unslings the rifle
  • prone - Go to a prone stance
  • stand - Go to a standing stance
  • reload - Load a full magazine


Q: Will the XM109 work with my Roleplay Combat System?

A: They may. To date, we have not heard of any systems that the XM109 will not work with. However, The Omega Concern does not guarentee compatibility with any other system but OCS and the Second Life Damage model.

Q: What is OCS?

A: OCS stands for Omega Combat System. It is the official combat system of The Omega Concern and Fulda Gap. It represents thousands of hours of testing and design to bring you the most lethal and realistic combat model seen in Second Life to date.

Q: Why do I seem to miss with my XM109 in OCS?

A: OCS uses a realistic accuracy scale. Practice makes perfect, and as you progress in skill within the OCS system, you will become more and more accurate with your weapons. Remember: OCS levels are life long levels.

A Note About Animation Overriders (AOs)

Because of how Second Life handles animations, some AOs may interfere with the animations done by your OCS gear. AOs also frequently interfere with mouselook aiming, making a weapon appear to not shoot where one is aiming. It is suggested that you shut off any AOs while using OCS gear.

The End

In short, this rifle is meant to deliver devastating fun, and work as a strong statement of your excellent taste for wielding a quality Omega Concern product. The Omega Concern promises to support your 109 for the lifetime of the product, with free upgrades for all of version 1.x, and lifetime bug fixes.

Above all else, have fun. :)