Product: Mine Pack (M16A2 and M21) v1.1
by The Omega Concern
Scripter, Modeler & Animator: April Heaney
Support Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Product Revision Date: 2009-01-12
Manual Revision Date: 2008-01-12

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of the The Omega Concern's Mine Pack. These mines are designed to work with the Omega Combat System, the premier combat simulation system in Second Life.

Please read this manual before using your new mines.

You are eligible for all upgrades on this version, right up until version 2.0, which will be delivered automatically to you by the Omega Concern's update servers.

THERE IS A TECHNICAL SUPPORT PASSPHRASE SOMEWHERE IN THIS NOTECARD, WHICH YOU MUST USE WHEN FIRST CONTACTING YOUR TECHNICAL CONTACT ABOUT THIS PRODUCT. We just do this to make sure you've read the instructions so that we can assist people with truly vexing problems not already answered within.

Using the Mine Pack

  • From your inventory, right-click and select "Wear." The pack will by default attach to your spine and appear on your lower back.
  • You must be wearing your OCS HUD and have it be active (Green status indicator) to place mines. Clicking on the pack will bring up a menu, from which you may choose M16A2 bounding mines or M21 Anti-Tank (AT) mines.
  • Select a mine. It will be rezzed 4 meters directly in front of you, where it will drop to the surface.
  • You must be standing within 5 meters of the mine for 5 seconds for it to arm. If you are within range, the mine will display a red number above it to indicate it is counting up to the 5 second mark.
  • Once the mine reaches 5 seconds, it will "burrow" by lowering itself about 30cm. On flat surfaces, this is typically enough to bury both mines.
  • If you need to move the mine, right click and "Edit..." and move it. Moving a mine will reset the mine, meaning you need to be within 5 meters for 5 seconds to re-arm it.
  • Mines will auto-delete if the owner leaves the region, otherwise they will stay in place and active.
  • You are limited to placing a maximum of ten (10) mines an hour.  You may place these all at once, or spread out over an hour, but regardless, 10 mines an hour. It's not just a good idea, it's the law.
  • As of version 1.1, the shrapnel from the M16A2 mines will do damage in Linden Damage areas.

The M16A2 Bounding Mine

This mine is also called a "Bouncing Betty" because of its method of delivering shrapnel to personnel. When triggered, there is a short delay, and the mine will be launched into the air, where it will explode about 1 meter above ground level, giving it a greater lethal range. The shrapnel from this mine is deadly to approximately 35 meters in radius, but can be stopped by solid objects.

The M21 Anti-Tank Mine

The M21 is a simple, but very powerful mine used against tanks and other armored vehicles. Personnel typically will not trigger this mine by coming into contact with it. When a vehicle rolls over it, it explodes primarily upward, breaking tracks or causing a "belly kill" to tanks and other heavy armor. Your magic words are "Mine all mine."