DOZOR-A by The Omega Concern
Product: DOZOR-A v1.1 by The Omega Concern
Scripter and Modeler: April Heaney
Support Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Product Revision Date: 2009-02-18
Manual Revision Date: 2008-02-18


Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of The Omega Concern’s DOZOR-A vehicle. This vehicle is designed for use with or without incorporating the Omega Combat System, or simply as a fun way to drive yourself around.

The Omega Concern is dedicated to producing quality work at affordable prices, and we support everything we sell. April Heaney is your Technical Contact for this product, and can assist you with any problems with your vehicle. All of our products are designed with the balance of impact on sim performance and ease of use in mind. If you find one of our products to be causing lag, behaving in unexpected ways, or otherwise being a pest, we need to know so we can correct it. Also if you find the user interface to be confusing or otherwise difficult to use, please let us know.

There is a technical support passphrase somewhere in this notecard, which you must use when first contacting your Technical Contact about this product. We just do this to make sure you've read the instructions so that we can assist people with truly vexing problems not already answered within.

You are eligible for all upgrades on this version, right up until version 2.0. Also, your feedback is valued! If there's something you love, hate, or just think would be better if it were just a little different, we want to know. Your input directly influences the course of development and future features of Omega products. Your support passphrase is "It's not a Hummer."


For the driver and passengers to get into the DOZOR, simply right-click and choose "Drive" (yes, even the passengers) the driver should get in first, followed by up to three passengers. Passengers may not board the vehicle while it is running. It must be brought to a halt and the engine turned off to take on passengers. Disembarking may be done under any circumstances.

The driver then may click the vehicle body to get a menu with the following options:

Starts or stops the engine.
Toggles if other persons may use the vehicle or if only the owner may use it.
Get Out
Causes the driver to leave the vehicle. This is the preferred way to exit. Simply standing up is likely to get you caught in the vehicle and make a spectacle of yourself.
Exit All
Causes the driver and all passengers to leave the vehicle.
Eject 1
Ejects the front, passenger-side passenger.
Eject 2
Ejects the rear, passenger-side passenger.
Eject 3
Ejects the rear, driver-side passenger.
Allows you to choose between camouflage, black or desert paint schemes.
Switch Cam
Cycles the driver's camera through the camera presets.
Drv Pos +
Moves the driver's seat upward to facilitate mouselook driving for taller or shorter avatars.
Drv Pos -
Same as above, but moves it downward.


The standard WASD key cluster (or arrow keys if you prefer) will control acceleration and turning.  The E and C keys (or Page Up and Page Down keys) control shifting from gear to gear.

OCS and Collision Damage

The DOZOR can be damaged and destroyed by the effects of weapons using the Omega Combat System and by collisions with other objects. It will take less damage from a collision against the bumpers at the front and rear, and more if the impact is against the sides or roof.

The End

The DOZOR is designed for fast and fun transportation in and out of combat zones. It's also tangible evidence of your excellent taste for buying a quality Omega Concern product. As with all of our products, The Omega Concern promises to support your DOZOR for the lifetime of the product, with free upgrades for all of version 1.x, lifetime bug fixes, and ever new and exciting ways to blow it up.

Postscript: "What do you mean it's not a Hummer?"

The Omega Concern's DOZOR-A is inspired by the KMDB vehicle of the same name. More information can be acquired from their web site at: