Product: Tactical Combat Vest 2015 1.0
by The Omega Concern
Modeler, Scripter, etc: April Heaney
Support Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Product Revision Date: 2015-02-03
Manual Revision Date: 2015-02-03

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of The Omega Concern’s Tactical Combat Vest 2015. Please read this manual before using your new body armor.

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There is a technical support pass phrase in this manual, which you are strongly advised to use when first contacting support about this product. We do this because other people (not you!) don't bother reading the manual which contains the answers to their questions, thus taking our time and attention away from thoughtful questions not answered in the manual, such as yours. As always, emailing the support address above is preferable to offline IMs and notecards, both of which too easily get lost in the shuffle.


As always, emailing the support address above is preferable to IMs and notecards, both of which often get lost in the shuffle of busy mode, crashes or simply being offline.

You are eligible for all upgrades on this version, right up until version 2.0. Also, your feedback is valued! If there's something you love, hate, or just think would be better if it were just a little different, we want to know. Your input directly influences the course of development and future features of Omega products. Your support passphrase is "Ballistic Resistant."

Package Contents

The Tactical Combat Vest comes in a box. You will need to rez this box, and select "Open".

Copy the contents of it into your inventory, and you will now have a new folder in your inventory named "Tactical Combat Vest 2015 1.0 (Boxed)" (or similar) which will contain the vest and its related items:

  • Tactical Combat Vests (Male and Female, sizes S, M, L and NoRig): This is the actual vest. The gender and sizes are for the rigged, fitted mesh model, which will conform to your avatar's shape and move with it. The 'NoRig' vests will not conform or move, but behave as a standard, static mesh item. Find the size that best fits your avatar.
  • Vest Alpha: This is an alpha layer that will turn transparent the standard avatar beneath the vest if you are having trouble with getting a good fit. Do note, this will not make transparent any mesh layers you may be wearing under the vest.
  • Name Tapes (Black, brown, green, grey, and olive): These are full permission textures which you may download (Open to view and 'Save...') so that you may create your own custom name tapes with your image editor of choice.

Equipping the Vest

Choose the vest from your inventory, right click and select 'Wear.' By default, it will attach to the chest attachment point. Alternatively, you may attach it to any attachment point. The vest is modifiable, but please keep a fresh copy in your inventory should you decide to modify it, in case of a catastrophic and unrecoverable editing error.

The vest provides 3 OCS armor points for those engaging in OCS combat. Wearing multiple vests will not increase this amount, only one vest will be counted.

Pattern and Color Changing

To pop up the pattern and color menu, you need to "Touch" the vest. As it is a rigged mesh item, this can't be done simply by left-clicking. (This also will prevent you from accidentally popping up the menu when you don't mean to.) Instead, you'll need to either right click the vest and via the popup or pie menu, select "Touch" or, opening the inventory window, right-click on the worn vest and select "Touch" from the drop-down menu.

When the menu comes up, you'll see a selection of camouflage patterns, "Colors" and "Tape". To select one of the patterns, simply press the corresponding button.

"Colors" will bring you to the colors menu, and "Tape" will prompt you to read a UUID on channel 6 to set the vest's name tape to a custom texture.

If you are also wearing the Tactical Combat Helmet 2015, it will synchronize with the vest's pattern and color selection automatically, saving you from having to set each separately.

The End

First, a heartfelt thank you to all The Omega Concern's customers over the years. You guys gave me the sweetest gig in the world, and I love you all for it. I do this all for you.

Big thank yous to Eddison Campbell, Eric Sheppard, and Caete Chevalier for beta-testing, constructive criticism, and helpful feedback.

As it always has been, and always will be: Fun is the whole point. Do go have some. :)