Product: M1151 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle 1.0
by The Omega Concern
Modeler, Scripter, etc: April Heaney
Support Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Product Revision Date: 2014-11-23
Manual Revision Date: 2014-11-23

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of The Omega Concern's M1151 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (aka HMMWV or Humvee). Please read this manual before using your new vehicle.

The Omega Concern is dedicated to producing quality work at affordable prices, and we support everything we sell. All of our products are designed with the balance of impact on sim performance and ease of use in mind. If you find one of our products to be causing lag, behaving in unexpected ways, or otherwise being a pest, we need to know so we can correct it.

You are eligible for all upgrades on this version, being version 1. Also, your feedback is valued! If there's something you love, hate, or just think would be better if it were just a little different, we want to know. Your input directly influences the course of development and future features of Omega Concern products.

Update 1.0.3: Normally, if you leave the vehicle on land you do not own and leave the region, the vehicle will self-delete. You can toggle this while next or or in it by typing the command "/6 autodel" (without the quotes). When Auto self-delete is disabled, the vehicle will not do this. This option is intended for those who wish to display the vehicle on land they lease or group owned land, where they are not the technical landowners.

There is a technical support pass phrase in this manual, which you are strongly advised to use when first contacting support about this product. We do this because other people (not you!) don't bother reading the manual which contains the answers to their questions, thus taking our time and attention away from thoughtful questions not answered in the manual, such as yours. As always, emailing the support address above is preferable to offline IMs and notecards, both of which too easily get lost in the shuffle.

About the M1151

The Omega Concern's M1151 is a model and simulation of the United States military's High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), which is colloquially known as the Humvee. The M1151 is designed for a wide variety of roles including fire support, transportation of personnel, surveillance, reconnaissance, and patrolling. The Omega Concern's M1151 can hold a crew of two: a driver, a gunner, as well as carrying an additional three fully equipped soldiers.

The Omega Concern is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by AM General or any other company involved in the design, production or manufacture of the M1151 or its weapon systems. All trademarks and copyrights are and remain the property of their respective owners.

  1. Unpacking and Setup

    1. Package Contents

      The M1151 comes in a box that will fill you with happiness when you open it. So do do that, you will need to rez this box on the ground or other suitable surface, and select "Open".

      Press the button "Copy To Inventory", and you will now have a new folder in your inventory named "M1151 HMMWV 1.0 (Boxed)" (or similar) which will contain the items from the box.

    2. Rezzing the M1151

      The M1151 is a mesh model, which means you will need a viewer capable of displaying mesh. The standard SL viewer is one such option, as are several others on the Third Party Viewer Directory.

      To rez the vehicle, simply drag the object named "M1151 HMMWV 1.0" from the folder in your inventory to an open area, bearing in mind that the vehicle has a footprint of about 7 by 4 meters, and you will need 89 prims free on the parcel. This vehicle uses no avatar attachments.

      It is best to rez a new copy of the vehicle from inventory for each use and deleting it when done, as opposed to taking one in-world back into inventory and reusing it. However, if you have adjusted the seating positions and/or insignia on a fresh copy of the vehicle, you may take that back into your inventory and it will retain these settings when you re-rez copies of it.

  2. Unique Traits about This Vehicle (At least compared to other OCS vehicles)

    First, the owner of the M1151 does not have to be the driver. In fact, it can be driven by anybody, unless the owner locks the vehicle to owner-only use, which is described below. (Do note that even when unlocked, to drive the M1151, an avatar must have their group tag set to the same as the vehicle.) Second, this vehicle was designed with the idea of it being fast to get into and out of without having to equip a HUD, or fiddle with slow-to-use chat commands or menus. Therefore, it does not use a HUD and makes extensive use of alternate functions for the direction keys depending on the state of the vehicle at the time. This is also explained below.

    Your passphrase is "Secret Clubhouse"

  3. Operation

    1. Getting in and out

      The vehicle can be boarded by right-clicking on the vehicle body and selecting "Board" (Some viewers may simply show "Sit Here" which serves the same function). The first person to board becomes the driver, the second the front passenger and the next two end up in the back. The last one to board ends up in the cupola with the M2 machine gun. But what if you want the second person to board to get in up there? Or what if you want to get up there without ending up in the driver's seat? Then you simply have to right-click on the cupola body itself, and board, and you will be up there at the controls of the M2.

      The driver and gunner positions can be adjusted higher or lower to accommodate larger or smaller avatars. See chat and gesture commands below.

    2. Going Mobile

      1. Controls

        As mentioned above, the direction keys serve different functions depending on the state of the M1151.

        While the illustrations and instructions here use the traditional WASD keys, this also applies to the use of the arrow and page up/down keys if you prefer to use those. Mentally re-label as required.

        1. Startup

          After boarding, the driver needs to start the engine. This can be accomplished by pressing the W and S direction keys once.

        2. Controls in Motion

          Once moving, W and S control the gearing, shifting forward and backwards respectively. You do not have to hold down W to drive forward, simply tapping the key will increase your gearing, which will increase power to the drivetrain, which will move the vehicle forward. The M1151 has five forward speeds, neutral, and two reverse.

          The C key will reset your throttle to zero and apply full brakes, stopping the vehicle. While stopped, pressing this will shut the engine down.

          The E key cycles the driver or gunner's camera between the default 'loose follow', rigid 'driving', overhead and drive-by camera modes.

        3. Egress (i.e. Getting Out)

          The A or D keys will egress anybody from the vehicle when it is stopped, with some differences for the driver.

          For the driver:
          The vehicle must be stopped and the engine must be turned off.

          For everyone else:
          The engine may be running, but the vehicle needs to be at a full stop before you may exit.

  4. Mounted M2HB 50 Caliber Machine Gun

    To take control of the M2, right-click on the cupola body itself, select "Board", and you will be up there at the controls.

    The M2 carries 1000 rounds of ammunition, which is conveniently all in one very long belt. However, it can overheat, and holding down the trigger for extended periods will result in glowing, smoking barrels and a wait while the barrel cools back down. The M2 is loaded with armor-penetrating rounds, which won't take out a main battle tank, but will chip away at more lightly armored targets.

    It is mounted for a full 360-degree field of fire, from 15 degrees of depression to 45 degrees of elevation.

    Rearming and Repair

    The vehicle can be repaired and all its munitions rearmed by returning to the starting position (i.e. where it was first rezzed and boarded) after the following conditions are met: A) It has travelled more than 100 meters from the starting location and B) No less than 5 minutes have passed since starting or the last rearming and repairing.

  5. The Options Menu and Chat/Gesture Commands

    The M1151 uses channel 6 (six) for chat commands. The Options Menu can be brought up by typing: /6 options - or you may use the gesture included in the box to perform the same function.

    The options menu offers the following functions. Do note that these functions can also be triggered by using them as a direct chat command on channel 6, for example, "/6 lights" will toggle the lights on and off.

    1. Engine - Starts/stops the engine

    2. SitAdj - Brings up the sit adjustment menu, from which you may adjust your avatar's seating position up or down. The adjustment menu is also available for the gunner, who must use /6 sitadj in chat to trigger it.

    3. Egress - Exits the vehicle

    4. Eject - This will remove the person in the M2 cupola from the vehicle, but will not remove people seated in other positions.

    5. Lights - Toggles the headlights on and off. (Note: These are projector headlights, which will not appear correctly to you unless you have Lighting and Shadows with projector lights enabled in your viewer.)

    6. NATO, Desert, Black - Selects the vehicle color scheme.

    7. Insignia - Allows for setting of a custom insignia graphic on the back slope of the M1151, which is explained in more detail below.

    8. Lock - For the owner only. Allows the owner to allow or prevent others from being able to drive away their M1151. Do note that even when unlocked, to drive the M1151, an avatar must have their group tag set to the same as the vehicle.

  6. Custom Insignia Panel

    You may set your own custom insignia or logo on the rear panel of the M1151, as shown above. Ideally, the image you use should have a 1:1 aspect ratio, i.e. square, and use an alpha (transparent) background.

    To set a custom insignia, type /6 insignia followed by the texture UUID, for example: /6 insignia 1dcffd37-e7e6-4cc4-3fd2-6e04f0a48d2a. You may tint your insignia by setting its color. Type /6 incol followed by the vector color, for example: /6 incol . Or, even easier, inside the box the M1151 comes in, you'll find the "M1151 Insignia/Color Cube" which you can use simply by putting a texture into the cube's inventory, and/or setting the color of the cube via the standard SL edit controls, and then clicking it.

  7. Taking Damage, Fixing Damage and Reloading Ammo

    1. Compartmentalized Damage Model

      The M1151 simulates damage, degraded performance and destruction of five separate vehicle systems, plus the four wheels. Damage to a component is determined by where on the body the vehicle was hit, with possible damage to nearby systems. The 'core' of the vehicle is its last reserve of hit points, which if depleted will result in its destruction.

      When damaged, the engine can catch on fire, but still run, for a limited time. Engine fires, while running or completely disabled, may or may not result in catastrophic explosion. Remain near at your own risk.

    2. Repairing and Rearming

      The M1151 can be repaired and rearmed in the field by driving it back to where you first started it up and shutting the engine down. The caveats being you must have travelled at least 99 meters from your starting location, and been gone for at least 5 minutes. Sorry, campers.

  8. Troubleshooting

    1. The M1151 has been extensively tested and is free of any known bugs. If you believe you have discovered a bug, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide, with as much detail as you can, step-by-step instructions for reproducing it. Things don't get fixed if we don't know what needs fixing. :)

    2. To rez the M1151, the parcel in which you are doing this needs to have at least 89 prims/prim equivalent free.

    3. Anti-littering Feature: Normally, if you leave the vehicle on land you do not own and leave the region, the vehicle will self-delete. You can toggle this while seated in the vehicle by typing the command "/6 autodel" (without the quotes). When Auto self-delete is disabled, the vehicle will not do this. This option is intended for those who wish to display the vehicle on land they lease or group owned land, where they are not the technical landowners.

    4. If things aren't rezzing for you, such as the gun rounds, check your group tag and the group tag of the vehicle to make sure it is harmonious with the area you are in. Some viewers give the option of always creating objects under the group to which the land is set, which may cause you issues if you aren't expecting it and travel to another parcel that requires a different group.

    5. You may have other gestures using the same keys as the ones included in this package. To locate and correct these conflicts, press control - G in your viewer and click on the"Key" column header to sort by key assignment. The keys are merely suggested key bindings, feel free to reassign them to whatever works best for you.

    6. Sounds, and not being able to hear them: If you're using a Viewer 2 or 3 based viewer, the default sound settings cause sounds to carry a few meters at most, then be unable to be heard. If not already showing, press Control-Alt-Shift-D and make the Advanced Menu appear. From that menu, select "Show Debug Settings." In the box, enter or locate "AudioLevelRolloff" and try setting it between 0.040 and 0.200 for better hearing.

    7. Asset corruption happens. Rarely, a copy of something will become corrupt and behave in very strange ways. The first thing to try is to unpack a fresh copy of the item from the box in which it came. If that doesn't solve the issue, you can have another box of the same item sent to you via the service kiosk at The Omega Concern's main store. Failing that, contact the support address and request a new box be sent to you and you will receive it as soon as possible.

  9. The End

    First, a heartfelt thank you to all The Omega Concern's customers over the years. You guys gave me the sweetest gig in the world, and I love you all for it. I do this all for you.

    Big thank yous to Eddison Campbell, Daren Rappaport, Ropemasterdom Skellerjup, Caete Chevalier, and Eric Sheppard for beta-testing.

    As it always has been, and always will be: Fun is the whole point. Do go have some. :)