Product: Combat Uniforms and/or Boots, 2012 Edition
Modeler, Scripter, etc: April Heaney
Support Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Product Revision Date: 2011-11-11
Manual Revision Date: 2011-11-11

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of The Omega Concern's 2012 models of Combat Uniforms and/or Boots.

Of highest importance, please do be aware that these are mesh clothing items. You must be using a viewer that supports mesh rendering for these to work for you.

Of note regarding mesh clothing, while these items have default attachment points, you can attach a rigged mesh like these anywhere on your avatar and they will appear in the correct place. So feel free to attach them to any convienient attachment point that works for you.

Items you will find in the box, and what they mean to you:


  • Base, Combat Uniform Boots - Wear this first. This is the shoe base to make your feet properly fit the boots.
  • Alpha Layer, Boots Only - Wear this if you're intending to wear only the boots. Makes your feet disappear. Witchcraft!
  • Combat Uniform Boots, Small / Medium / Large - These are the mesh boots in the indicated sizes. Choose what looks best on your avatar. They will appear as one object in inventory, but by the magic of rigged mesh, will appear as two boots on your feet when worn. Their default attachment point is the right foot.
  • Posing Stand 2.6 - Not part of the uniform, but handy to have. Rez on a solid surface and stand on it for manipulation into various handy poses for attaching things. It'll tell you what to do.

Combat Uniform:

As well as the items above, the uniform sets contain the following:

  • Alpha Layer, Jacket, Trousers, Boots - Wear this if you're planning on wearing the whole uniform and boots.
  • Alpha Layer, Trousers & Boots - Wear this instead if you just want to wear the trousers and boots.
  • Combat Uniform Trousers, Male / Female - Mesh trousers, default attachment point is left hip.
  • Combat Uniform Jacket, Male / Female - Mesh jacket, default attachment point is left pec.
  • Swatch Black / CADW / MARD / MARU / MARW / MTP / UCP-D / Urban - A texture that matches the BDU set, and is full permission, so you can apply it to your other gear if you like, to create a "uniform" look and make everything match, real pretty-like.  While the texture is full permission for your convenience, I only ask that you do not give away, sell, or otherwise transfer it to other people, please.  :)

Uniform Tags:

The name tape and shoulder tags on the jacket are a separate 'face' and can be edited and changed to whatever you wish. A template and base layer for green, grey and tan tags can be downloaded here.

It's advisable to remove and rez the jacket to apply new tags and take it back into inventory when you're done.

Keep the box these come in! These items are all copyable, so if you mess up trying to modify them, you'll always have a fresh, unmolested set.

The end. :)