Mk48 Light Machine Gun 1.0.1
by The Omega Concern

Modeler, Scripter and Animator:
April Heaney
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Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of The Omega Concern's Mk48 Light Machine Gun. This LMG is intended for use in a combat or a role-play setting, and is designed for seamless compatibility with the Omega Combat System, the premier combat simulation system in Second Life.

Please read this manual before terrorizing all the other kids on your street.

You are eligible for all upgrades on this version, right up until version 2.0, which will be delivered automatically to you by the Omega Concern's update servers.

THERE IS A TECHNICAL SUPPORT PASSPHRASE SOMEWHERE IN THIS MANUAL, WHICH YOU MUST USE WHEN FIRST CONTACTING YOUR TECHNICAL CONTACT ABOUT THIS PRODUCT. We just do this to make sure you've read the instructions so that we can assist people with truly vexing problems not already answered within.

Your support passphrase is "Big, big bullets"

Important Things to Know

This LMG can be abused and used to annoy and harass others. Don't do that. By purchasing and using it, you agree to use it with willing and consenting participants. No other application is intended nor endorsed.

Equipping the LMG

You can attach the following components from your inventory by right clicking them and selecting 'Wear.' They will attach as follows:

  • Mk48 LMG 1.0.3: The actual rifle itself - attaches to Right Hand.
  • MK48 HUD 1.0: Attaches to screen bottom left (Mostly optional - See 'Gestures and Chat Control')
  • Mk48 LMG (Slung Right Shoulder): Attaches to the right shoulder and uses an animation to keep your right arm in position relative to the gun, allowing you to swagger around with it near-to-ready (Optional)
    • Mk48 LMG (Slung): An alternate slung model, which does not have the animation that the above slung gun version does.  By default, attaches to the chest, but may be attached wherever you see fit. (Optional)

The Combat AO (Animation Overrider)

Built into the Mk48 is a complete animation overrider consisting of 39 custom-made animations geared toward combat usage of a light machine gun. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you turn off any other animation override or other devices which may animate your avatar. Each stance has its own set of animations, including transitions between stances, and all have holding, aiming and reloading animations.  Each also has animations unique to the stance, and in some cases, unique to the control inputs while in that stance:

  • Standing - Two walking animations, for movement while aiming (i.e. in mouselook) or while just holding the weapon.  Also running, but you cannot aim and run at the same time.
  • Kneeling - While in the kneeling stance, moving forward will result in a crouch-walk.  Running from a kneeling position will result in your avatar standing up and running, returning to kneeling or crouch-walking when running is stopped. The same applies to jumping from the kneeling stance.
  • Prone - Moving forward in prone will cause your avatar to crawl forward. Moving left or right will cause your avatar to crawl sideways, while keeping the body facing (relatively) forward.  Also, holding left or right (with shift if not in mouselook) will roll to the left or right side.  Running is not possible in prone, nor is jumping.


The HUD is made to provide you with an intuitive and fast interface that conveys the current state of the weapon at a glance.  Clicking the right hand side (where it says 'Mk48' below) will cause the HUD to minimize itself, presenting an abbreviated interface.  Clicking the side of the minimized HUD will return it to full size.  These two modes can be independently positioned on your screen, and they will return to the previous screen position when that mode is again recalled.  To save yourself from tearing your hair out, if you reposition the HUD, do not immediately detach and reattach it or the HUD will seem to 'forget' where it was attached.  The HUD only remembers the position it was in when it is switched to the other mode, and SL prefers that you interact a bit with a HUD object before detachment before it will generally 'remember' the screen position of said object.

For toggle or state buttons such as draw or stance, a green button indicates the active selection.  Other buttons will hilight momentarily to provide visual feedback on activation.

  • Draw/Sling: Toggles the weapon between the drawn and slung positions.
  • Ammo Chooser: Pops up the weapon ammunition menu.
  • Ammo Level: Indicates the amount of ammunition available on the current 100-round belt.
  • Bullet Velocity: Raises or lowers the bullet velocity.  More filled circles mean higher, more empty circles mean lower. In OCS mode, velocity is locked and can not be changed.
  • Stance: Chooses between standing, kneeling and prone stances.
  • Option Menu: Pops up the Option Menu, which allows you to toggle on/off shell ejection and reloading, and to recolor the various parts of the optics to suit your taste.

Ammunition Types

The Mk48 comes with a variety of ammunition types.  (Do note:  In OCS mode, the selection of ammunition is limited to a pre-selected list of OCS-compatible ammunition.)

Ammunition with 'NP' designations are non-physical rounds and will report back when they find and engage a target.  This can get very spammy.  Non-physical ammunition is best used in very short bursts (or even singles), as being an axis-weighted seeking round, it's a guaranteed hit when it says it has targeted an avatar.

OCS 762: The standard 7.62x51mm round for OCS combat.
: A 7.62x51mm round for OCS combat with tracer effect.

DMG 762: Your standard physical, Linden damage bullet. 100% damage on contact with an avatar.
DMG-TRC 762: Standard physical, Linden damage bullet with tracer effect. 100% damage on contact with an avatar.
DMG NP 762: A non-physical, shield-passing version of the  Linden damage bullet, dealing 100% Linden damage.

Gestures and Chat Control

The Mk48 can be used for most functions without the HUD.  The channel for chat control is channel 5, for which you can thank Eata Kitty of Breach.   This means commands can be given in the form of "/5 command" such as "/5 draw" (without the quotes, of course).  Commands which are accepted on channel 5 are:

draw: Toggles holding or slinging of the weapon.
stand: Sets the stance to standing.
kneel: Sets the stance to kneeling.
prone: Sets the stance to prone (lying).
shells off: Disables ejection of spent casings.
shells on: Re-enables ejection of spent casings.
reload off: Disables reloading of magazines for uninterrupted fire.
reload on: Re-enables reloading of magazines for uninterrupted fire.
ammo: Pops up the rifle ammo selection menu.
reload: Reloads a fresh boxed belt of 100 rounds.
options: Pops up the options menu.

Included in the kit are several gestures you can activate and use for oft-used functions such as drawing/slinging, stances and reloading.  Do note that you may have other gestures using the same F-keys as the ones included in this package. To locate and correct these conflicts, press control - G in your viewer and click on the"Key" column header to sort by key assignment. The F-keys are merely my suggested key bindings, feel free to reassign them to whatever works best for you.

Operational Considerations - Barrel Overheating

It is best if you adopt a burst approach to firing the Mk48, as continuous fire will result in overheating of the barrel and subsequently require cool-down before the gun will become operational again.


Q: Will the Mk48 work with my Roleplay Combat System?

A: It may. To date, we have not heard of any systems with which the Mk48 will not work. However, The Omega Concern does not guarantee compatibility with any other system but OCS and the Second Life Damage model.

Q: What is OCS?

A: OCS stands for Omega Combat System. It is the official combat system of The Omega Concern and Fulda Gap. It represents thousands of hours of testing and design to bring you the most lethal and realistic combat model seen in Second Life to date.

Q: Why do I seem to miss with my Mk48 in OCS?

A: OCS uses a realistic accuracy scale. Practice makes perfect, and as you progress in skill within the OCS system, you will become more and more accurate with your weapons. Remember: OCS levels are life long levels.

The End

I'll admit that developing a light machine gun was as much fun as everyone who suggested I needed to add one to the OCS collection claimed it would be, and I do hope that you all find it equally enjoyable.  And as always, The Omega Concern promises to support your Mk48 for the lifetime of the product, with free updates and bug fixes for all of version 1.x.

Above all else, have fun. :)