Product: 18-Piece Battle Dress Uniform 2009 Autumn
by The Omega Concern
 Scripter & Modeler: April Heaney
 Support Address:
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 Product Revision Date: 2009-09-16
 Manual Revision Date:


Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of The Omega Concern’s 18-Piece Battle Dress Uniform, 2009 Autumn edition. Please read this manual and remember, one leg at a time.

Unpacking the BDUs

Upon opening the box, you will see a window similar to the following one, but corresponding to the pattern(s) you purchased, unless you bought the CAD pattern, and then it will look just like this:

First, be sure you either retain the original box in which the BDUs came, or keep a fresh, unmolested copy in your inventory in case you have an editing disaster and destroy a boot or something similar.

Some notes on the various parts of the uniform:

BDU Cloth Swatch is a texture that matches the BDU set, and is full permission, so you can apply it to your other gear if you like, to create a "uniform" look, pun intended.  Please, I only ask that while the texture is full permission, please do not give away, sell, or otherwise transfer it to other people.  No, I can't enforce that, but I am asking you nicely. Laughing

Boot Base: Makes the boots fit better.  You'll want to wear this before the prim boot parts, Boot, Combat, L Foot and Boot, Combat, R Foot.

Collars: The uniform has two collars, one is turned up and one is turned down.  You'll want to wear just one at a time.

Gloves: Simply worn.

Pockets: The leg pockets are also known as cargo pockets, and attach to the upper leg.  Shoulder pockets attach to the upper arms, and both feature flag patches.  The right patch is an OCS flag patch and will change to your OCS faction flag when you go OCS active.  The left flag patch you may modify as you please.

Shirt: Simply worn.

The sleeve prims attach to the forearms.

Socks, T-Shirt: Simply worn.

The trouser leg prims  are combined with the combat boot upper, allowing both to attach to the lower leg.

Trouser: Simply worn.


That's about all you need to know about your BDU set. We hope you enjoy wearing it, and The Omega Concern thanks you for your business.