Co-op Agreement, The Short Version

Consider this the 'wallet-sized' version of the terms for playing in Fulda Gap, which are explained in more detail below.

  • Be respectful. Harassing or threatening players or staff will get you removed.
  • Be in the 'Fulda Gap RP' group.
  • Use the current OCS HUD at all times.
  • Use only OCS-enabled items.
  • Detach all unnecessary scripted attachments.
  • Don't spawn camp, and don't be a cheat through use of the mini-map, HUDs or 'extra' features your viewer may have.
  • Report, don't exploit bugs.
  • Follow all instructions given by the Game Managers.


Fulda Gap is a region serving two synergistic roles. One role is to be an aesthetically appealing area in which people can conduct combat both player versus player and against drones, and scenario play in an area specifically designed for these purposes. The other is as a live test bed for the Omega Combat System, as the system will evolve based on the observations and inclinations of the participants, administrators, and game managers.

We call this a "Cooperation Agreement" because there is a common goal in a successful Fulda Gap, one which inflexible rules and an "Us versus Them" mentality can only hinder. This document is to allow us all to understand what is expected from one another.

The 'Fulda Gap RP' Group

You must belong to the Fulda Gap RP group to access the Fulda Gap region.  The Fulda Gap RP group needs to be your active tag in Fulda Gap, or your items will not work properly in the region.

Participants may use the group channel for calling other players to the region or other play-related messages.  However, flaming, trolling and foul language will not be tolerated.

Participant Behavior

Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner toward other players and the Fulda Gap staff.

"Child" avatars and overt nudity/sexuality are prohibited, due to the fact we are conducting a war game and the regions are set to a "Moderate" rating, not Adult.

In the interest of keeping the region running smoothly, any unnecessary attachments should be removed. Players using more than 8,000 kB of script memory may be removed from the region until their usage is lowered. There is an object at the bridge crossing which will tell you your script count, memory use and script time before you cross into Fulda Gap. Additionally, there are objects at the respawn points which will warn you if your script usage is more than 6000 kB.

Unless explicitly approved for a specific and limited time or event by the Fulda Gap administration, all viewers used in Fulda Gap must be listed on the Second Life third party viewer directory.

The use of the mini map, main map, debug settings or features and functions of a Second Life viewer, tiny avatars, "wall humping" (pressing close to obstacles to enable one to shoot beyond it), derendering, turning off rendering types, or other actions which may give an unrealistic and/or unfair advantage in play is prohibited. Players clearly exhibiting supernatural powers of observation and detection will be issued only one warning by a GM, and further displays of such behavior will result in temporary or permanent banishment from Fulda Gap.

While playing, please disable gestures which produce sounds.

If another participant is interfering with your gameplay, IM that player and politely ask that they cease. Also, if asked to stop doing something by another player who feels that you are degrading their play experience, do respect the request and stop.

Insults and accusations of cheating are not conducive to the resolution of inter-player issues. Players are expected to treat one another with respect and politeness.  Harassment or disrespect of other players or the Fulda Gap staff will not be tolerated.

As it has been an issue for some, this is as clearly as it can be stated:  Do not "spawn camp" other players, period.

Organized events or tournaments may have additional rules or information, knowledge of and adherence to is a prerequisite for participation in these events.

The Use of the OCS HUD is Compulsory

Participants are expected to keep their OCS HUD on at all times while in Fulda Gap. There are devices in Fulda Gap that poll those in the region to be sure their HUD is attached and active. Failure to comply with requests these devices make to attach and activate one's HUD will result in the player being teleported home. Detaching one's HUD while in Fulda Gap will result in immediate teleportation home.

Use of any item to harass or otherwise interfere with the game play of other players or the operation of the Fulda Gap or The Omega Concern regions may result in ejection from the Fulda Gap group and permanent banishment from the estate.

Items Must be OCS Certified

Except for as use as props, any weapons, vehicles or other items which may affect game play in Fulda Gap shall be compatible with the Omega Combat System.

Participants agree to not use shields or other non-OCS scripted armor. Players who are found to be using shields or similar devices can expect to have their player records reset back to level 1.

Similarly, vehicles which are not OCS-compatible should not be used in Fulda Gap. Please do not leave objects behind to get in the way of or be cleaned up by others.

Report, Don't Exploit

Players are expected to report erroneous or anomalous behaviour (i.e. bugs) in OCS items and not to exploit such bugs to their own advantage.

Players who are found to be wilfully and knowingly utilizing exploits, bugs, or misusing equipment to gain unfair advantage can expect to have their player records reset back to level 1 without warning.

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

If two participants have an issue they are unable work out for themselves, they should bring it to the attention of a game manager, who will have the tag "Fulda Gap GM."

The current roster of Game Managers is:

  • Eddison Sizemore
  • Fisk Zinnemann
  • Caete Chevalier
  • April Heaney (Administrator)

The game managers are not the persons with whom to argue. If asked by a game manager to stop doing something, simply stop. Abusive, harassing or threatening language toward other players or staff will result in immediate removal from the region, and a possible temporary ban. In the case of an organized event, forfeiture of any point standings and/or unclaimed winnings, and possible disqualification for future events.

Any player who has an issue with decisions made by a GM need to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include your SL name (not display name), the name of the game manager involved, the names of any others involved in the situation and a brief synopsis of what happened. This method is confidential, and will not result in punitive actions taken against anyone making such a report in good faith.

Game Manager Behavior

Game managers (GMs), when not performing in the capacity of GM, are expected to behave as any other participant, and are expected to be treated as such. A GM shall not use their position to gain advantage over or favor with other participants. GMs are expected to be unbiased when required to intervene in an official capacity. A GM shall make his or her decision based only upon the goal of facilitating game play in Fulda Gap.

Administrator Behavior

Administrators are expected to behave as any other participant and shall, within their power, maintain the systems and services which facilitate game play. This includes maintaining the data systems and resources required to deliver a compelling gaming experience. Administrators will also review and decide on resolutions between players which are unable to be resolved by a GM.


In short, Fulda Gap is meant to be a combat oriented region where participants, even though they may be in competition, cooperate to build a community all participants can play in and enjoy.