Getting Started:

The first thing one should do is to read and agree to and understand the Cooperation Agreement which can be considered a non-binding contract between those who run Fulda Gap and the players, and between the players themselves:

Fulda Gap Cooperation Agreement

You will need to be a member of the 'Fulda Gap RP' group, which is open to enrollment.  Playing in Fulda Gap assumes your agreement to comply with the terms in the Fulda Gap Cooperation Agreement, and ignorance will not be considered an acceptable reason for violations.

Wondering who's in the Gap at the moment? You can check that here: Fulda Gap Current Players

That should get you started in Fulda Gap. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact a Game Manager, who are listed on the Fulda Gap group charter.

Players who have not logged in and/or been present in Fulda Gap for 90 days or more may be removed from the Fulda Gap RP group.  This is not a ban, as such players are free to re-join, this is merely to prevent the group roster from filling up with non-playing members.

'Somewhere out there, someone is asking, 'What if I'm a total asshat?' While we use the term 'non binding,' if an individual demonstrates a lack of willingness to abide by the Cooperation Agreement and spirit of the game and role playing in Fulda Gap, that individual can expect to be removed from the Fulda Gap group and therefore the region. If said individual decides to embark on finding new and creative ways to be disruptive, they can expect to be banned from the regions of Fulda Gap and The Omega Concern.

But, we know you're not that person, right?'

Have fun! :)