1. RLV/RLVa is now REQUIRED for all Player vs. Player Combat Events held in Fulda Gap. One of the tenants of OCS and Fulda Gap is to provide a realistic experience of combat as possible within the realm of Second Life. We strongly believe the use of several features and functions of Second Life Viewers detract from this experience and RLV/RLVa is the easiest and most effective way to ensure a fair and balanced playfield for all participants.

  2. ALL animations and Animation overrides except those animations provided inside Omega Concern weapons/vehicles shall be disabled/removed. This rule is to eliminate such things as "bunny hopping", "cartwheel animations", and several types of animations that are designed to confuse player targeting. We also feel that such animations are unrealistic and detract from the environment we are attempting to reproduce.

  3. Minimum avatar height shall be 5 foot 2 inches based on the height sensor at the bridge entrance. Fulda Gap's architecture and buildings are based on this minimum height. (This is also the minimum height required by several current real life nations’ militaries for combat roles.) Due to various viewers appearance measurements being highly variable we will not accept any reading except that which is provided by the bridge sensor.

  4. No nudity during PvP events. Due to Second Life’s maturity ratings, and the display of violence against other avatars, we require all participants to be clothed to maintain a moderate rating for the region. Obviously we do not wish to increase the maturity rating for Fulda Gap to adult to comply with their policies as it would exclude many players. All players must have genitals/breasts covered. This rule applies to all genders and/or species.

  5. No religious, racial, sexual, or gender-offensive material shall be displayed in Fulda Gap. We take pride on being an open place available to ALL people around the world, displays of Nazi logos, racial slogans, religious symbols that are considered offensive or any displays of these types of materials will not be tolerated. The number one rule is "get along with everyone else."

  6. Fulda Gap is neutral territory in regards to Second Life military communities. No player or group shall attempt to blockade the use of Fulda Gap by any other player or group. Fulda Gap also does NOT recognize any Role Play or scenario play except that which Fulda Gap is designed around which an alternate history Cold War turned hot scenario.

  7. Fulda Gap Co-Operation Agreement is in full effect at ALL times during these events. Understanding of and adherence to this agreement is a requirement for entry into Fulda gap and is the basic document for all fair and balanced play and player interaction.

  8. Play fair. Have Fun. The staff of Fulda Gap has created this region for the play and enjoyment of everyone. We fully recognize that no rule set can cover every possible issue or scenario that may arise during Player vs. Player combat and interactions. We are also aware that there will always be players who attempt to game the system, and more so when prizes are involved. Staff will always be on hand to assist with issues if they arise. Staff will also be monitoring the region for behavior or suspect activities that may provide an advantage to players over others. If asked by a staff member to stop such an activity, just stop. Refusal or arguments will not be tolerated.

    Believe it or not, we really do want to get along with you, and we want you to have a good time.

Event prizes are be Linden Dollars (L$) payable to the winner immediately at the end of each event. Only players with a HP score higher than zero and who are in Fulda Gap at the conclusion of play are eligible for prize awards. Payment of all prizes are at the discretion of staff and administration.

Prize amounts are as follows:

1st Place: L$1000

2nd Place: L$500

3rd Place: L$250