The Fulda Gap Cooperation Agreement is required reading before entry into The Fulda Gap Region. Failure to read and understand this agreement will not be an acceptable excuse for violation of this agreement.

Each special event that is held inside Fulda gap may also have additional rules which you will be expected to read and abide. Failure to abide by the either the Cooperation Agreement or Rules for these events may result in your removal from event or other such actions decided by Game Managers on a case by case basis.

Player versus Player combat inside Fulda Gap whether special event or open combat shall always be guided by the Player vs Player Competition rules.

Fulda Gap and OCS strive for realism. We ask all players to keep in mind the adage "If you would not be able to perform an action in real life, then please do not perform that action in Fulda Gap".

If at any time you do not understand or need clarification, please speak to a Game Manager.