Update 2014-01-25:

I have done a fairly significant update on how the drones determine line of sight, to hopefully prevent them from shooting through walls that they are right up against, due to the origin of their raycasts for targeting. It works very well in the lab, but as usual, let me know if they're behaving poorly in public. :)

Update 2013-08-31:

A few tweaks to the tank drones and the system that coordinates them:

A couple of you had mentioned getting 30mm fire up your nose when you were dismounted, and hadn't been in a vehicle at all, but the tank drones were out due to another player's vehicle. This is due to them occasionally engaging dismounted players if they saw the opportunity, but was happening simply too often. Corrected, let me know if they're still being all crazy.

Tank drones "stranded" after all vehicle activity has left the sim. If vehicles aren't seen in the sim for a few minutes, the tank drones will now exit.

And last, the old saw about drones engaging and shooting through walls. First, keep in mind the 30mm rounds they use are explosive and will affect you through walls, especially when you're right up against one. I have written these such that drones only engage when they have line of sight, to which walls are not conducive. (I know! Who knew?) However, if you're right up against a prim and one is on the other side, it's possible that its raycasting to determine if it has line-of-sight on you will begin and end inside of that object you're both up against. I do pay attention to that and have adjusted its raycast to try to try to prevent these "technically correct but logically unreasonable" line of sight issues. Also, keep in mind that "destroyed" walls are phantom (i.e. don't block objects or raycasts) and offer you no cover at all. Destroyed walls are easy to suss out, because they look, well, destroyed. :)

If you think you're getting detected and/or shot through walls with projectiles, IM me (April Heaney) or any GM on at the time and mention it. We'll look into it, because it is unwanted behaviour.

Officially, these are "Type G" drones (the other drones being "Type F") which we have introduced after agreeing with some of you that if a drone is going to hit like a tank, it ought to look like a tank.

The smaller Type F drones have been somewhat disarmed, and are now more equal to infantry in armament. The new drones are the ones carrying the heavier weapons.

The new drones will only be deployed when players are using air or armour assets in Fulda Gap.

They will generally disregard dismounted infantry, unless you do something to get their attention. You know, like, fire upon them.

The tank drones are considerably harder to kill, but that shouldn't be a problem, since you're probably using an attack helicopter or tank yourself, right? Also, they're worth twice as many points.

As are all of the drones, these are very much "in progress" and you can expect their behaviours to change while we get them tuned up. :)