Aside from a new camouflage scheme, the FG drones have gotten some significant behavioral changes this week which you may just want to know about.

The biggest change is that the "Fire Rating" for the sim is a secondary factor in how aggressive the drones will be. The primary factors are the individual players' levels and Reputation score. Thus, the drones will tailor for you a personalized combat experience. This will also help to curb the issue of particularly effective or mounted players driving the Fire Rating through the roof, and causing dismounted or less experienced players sheer hell.

The caveat being of course, if you're ahead of the curve in levels or Rep points, they're going to be more difficult for you by default. But, as our GM Daren so philosophically pondered, "In what universe did you play a game that didn't get harder as you went along?"

They have also been adjusted to scale up their attacks more gradually, so that they will stick to lower-damage munitions like the gatling gun and 40mm grenades before going for the larger ordinance like the rockets and mortars. Their relative accuracy is also lower at the lowest levels, gradually increasing to near sniper skill at the top of the range.

The 12.5mm cannon rounds directed against aircraft will be less frequent and are subject to the same accuracy scale described above. Aircraft can now look forward to not having Hellfire missiles directed at them. Instead, aircraft can also look forward to engagement by surface-to-air missiles. Fear not, these are relatively low-damage, so you should be able to take multiple hits, and they can be mitigated with countermeasures such as flares and terrain masking.

And it is worth repeating: We are listening and watching and the drones are very much always 'in progress'. Everything that is done is done with a lot of thought into how to make the experience a good one for new players and experienced players, as well as consistent and logical with OCS as a whole. Constructive feedback is great. It helps us understand the balance of game play and how we can further adjust not just the drones, but the entire play environment.