First, the official statement on the new drones: We are listening and watching and the current drones are very much 'in progress'. They will take some time to tune in, debug and adjust until they aren't too hard or too easy. Feedback is great. It helps us understand the balance of game play and how we can further adjust not just the drones, but the entire play environment to make it so play against these machines of terror isn't a yawn-fest for the experienced, and isn't so brutal as to make it impossible for a new player to get any experience in the first place.

That said, simply complaining without giving any solid feedback is something we can all do without. Yes, I know, you're accustomed to speaking in binary hyperbole where if something isn't awesome, it's the Worst. Thing. Ever. So just take a moment and think about what it is specifically you have an issue with and we'll happily listen. (And issues are much more likely to be solved this way.)

Some facts about the new drone behaviours which may make your life easier (and longer):


  • The drones will group up. Keep this in mind, that when you see one, there's likely another just out of sight.
  • The Fire Danger Rating affects these drones in several ways. As the rating goes up, they will choose appropriate and harder-hitting weapons, and also their accuracy and saturation of fire will go up as well.
  • Unlike the old Type E spherical drones, these don't fly. Though they sometimes land atop buildings and will hang out up there until they decide to move along.
  • These drones do not have a complete 360 degree field of vision. Just like you, they see things in front of them most clearly. This drops off toward the sides, and from behind, they are nearly blind. But beware, they will check their six from time to time, and if you're skittering around 20 meters behind one, it may just hear you and turn to look.
  • Yes, they do chatter at players. They have a library of phrases, and based on what they overhear from players, will create new ones using some clever pseudo-random algorithms.  The latter are easy to suss out as they make them sound a bit insane.
For those who have messaged us and said they love the new drones, thank you! I hope this helps, and have fun. :)