For: WAH-64 1.2, AH-1Z 1.1, UH-60 1.1, Mi-24 1.1, Ka-52 1.1

This is a "point one" update, meaning something significant has been changed or added. What is it?

I have altered the flight suite (i.e. controls and flight model) on all the helicopters to facilitate more "hands off" flight through a couple of new features.

Pitch hold: Once you have the nose down and are moving forward, without further pitch inputs the helicopter will hold the pitch, instead of the previous behaviour where the "weathervane" effect would bring the nose back up.

Collective pitch compensation: Those of you who understand kinematics will realize that pitching the rotor disk will cause a loss of upward thrust, as a portion of that thrust is redirected in the direction of pitch. The helicopters will now, up to the maximum throttle limit, increase the collective proportionally to the current pitch using the magic of trigonometry. This results in the helicopter maintaining its altitude.

I have also changed the input normalization, which could cause simultaneous inputs to appear to cancel one or the other out.

So! You should find the helicopters require much less "staying on top of" to simply fly from point A to point B.

Thank you to those who provided feedback, and I hope you enjoy your helicopter's new performance. :)