I know this tends to confuse people who may not be used to updates, so I wanted to write this to clarify how this process works.

Products contain a script that checks in with the update server and gives its product ID and version number. The server looks up the product ID and checks the version given by the in-world product with the current version number.  If the current version is higher, it tells the update gateway to deliver a boxed current version of that product and optionally, a note card as well.

Most products check in either when attached or when rezzed.  Continuing to use an out of date product will keep triggering delivery from the update gateway.

Omicron 1.4 users:  If your update has not been triggered by attachment, using the Update command (i.e. /8 update) will trigger it.

You must unpack and use the new, current product for this not to occur.  Yes, it may seem awfully authoritarian of me to do it that way, but when I've made updates need to be initiated manually, I get a whole lot of "How do I update?" and/or "I didn't get my update!" messages. This way I only get "I keep getting updates!" messages, which is why I wrote this so I can simply wave a URL at those messages, thus saving myself and everyone much time and grief.

Happy updates!