OCS HUD 1.5 to 2.0 major changes:

Team Functionality:

When a region has been configured for team play (i.e. is part of an OCS theatre), clicking on the OCS HUD when in that region will display a dialog box featuring team functions, allowing you to view your team's roster or switch your team, if the theatre configuration allows it.

Team Overlay HUD:

This is one of the most dramatic improvements to the new OCS core. It will display, on your screen, the positions of team-mates within the sim, their names, and their distance (in meters) from you. Icons that move with your team-mates will indicate their positions. It will also identify the direction in which they are aiming, whether they are seated, and whether they are currently alive or dead.

Auto-teleport to respawn locations:

The OCS HUD 2 will prompt you for permissions when attached; grant them, and you will now automatically be teleported to the designated respawn point within a region when you have been killed, and your respawn countdown times out.


The new reputation system rewards players for a good kill/death ratio by awarding them reputation points for kills, and subtracting points when they take damage or are killed.

RLV capability:

RLV restrictions are now an optional feature of the OCS HUD. Opting to use them will allow you to gain reputation points and increase your leaderboard ranking. When active, the HUD willl restrict your ability to open your map and minimap. You will also no longer be permitted to change environment settings, enter edit mode, or change debug settings. Players who choose not to enable the RLV API will find that they are unable to gain reputation points from kills - but they can still lose them to those who do.

Directional damage indicators:

Pay attention to your OCS HUD when in combat - If you take damage from enemy fire, a hit indicator will briefly indicate the direction from which the fire came.

Battle Rattle:

Movement will now generate noise, or gear rattle. Walking will generate the lowest amount of sound, audible only at very close ranges. Running will be audible at a considerably greater distance. This adds new tactical considerations to engagements.


Another major change that has been made is the stamina system in sims which are configured to have it enabled. Running for a long period of time will cause the stamina bar in your OCS HUD to deplete. As it reaches the bottom, your avatar's run speed will slow, and if it is completely empty, a red haze will begin to cover your screen. The haze disappears as you stop running and your stamina regenerates. The red haze will now no longer obscure other HUD elements and buttons.