M2, Mk48, now the P90.  Our machine guns keep getting smaller and smaller...

It's compact, suspiciously sci-fi looking, and sprays bullets like a fire hose.  The Omega Concern's P90!  With a complete combat AO with standing, kneeling and prone shooting stances and 33 custom animations, including walking, running, crawling and rolling.  Transluscent 50-round magazines for easy visual check of ammo levels, even without the HUD.  900 round per minute firing rate.  Black, Olive or Tan stock colour, selectable suppressor, laser sight and brass catcher.  11 types of ammunition.  Fully compatible with the Omega Combat System (OCS) and Linden Damage system.  Free and automatic updates.

At L$1550, a bargain at twice the price.

Model on display at The Omega Concern, manual on display over here.