Your wait is over. Introducing The Omega Concern's M1A2 Abrams with Tank Urban Survival Kit.

Operable by a single driver/gunner or as a team with dedicated driver and gunner roles • Rotating turret with 120mm Main Cannon, 7.62mm Coaxial Machine Gun and independently operated 50 Caliber M2HB • SABOT, HEAT and Anti-Personnel Canister Rounds • Seven independent systems for damage effects • Texture changing - Desert Tan or NATO Woodland Camouflage • Functional Fire Control System for accurate shots at any range, even against moving targets • Designed for the Omega Combat System, plus functionality in Linden Damage areas • Free and automatic updates

All this and no sticky accelerators, for a mere L$2950.

The user manual with everything you ever wanted to know about it is here.

Model on display at The Omega Concern, natch.