Meet your new best friend and sidekick in kicking Gluteus Maximus.  The next generation of firearm model and the definitive statement on the state of the art.

Featuring a complete combat AO with 41 custom animations, including walking, running, crawling and rolling, plus all the standard animations for aiming, firing and reloading from standing, kneeling and prone shooting stances.  Removable grenade launcher with optional automatic ranging and ballistics mode, taking all the guesswork out of dropping a 40mm right where you need it most. HUD, chat, or gesture control.  11 types of ammunition. Ability to call in close air support in the form of a GBU-10 or B-83 delivered by an X-47B like it was the postman.  Fully compatible with the Omega Combat System, of course. Free and automatic updates.

The user manual is over... here.

All this and good karma, yours for L$1750.