Autumn is upon us, and that means new battle dress uniforms.  Eight different patterns of BDUs, in fact.  These 18 piece clothing and prim combination (Two collars, Cargo pockets, shoulder pockets with flag patches, sleeves and trouser legs) outfits include combat boots as you can see above, and a bonus texture swatch matching the pattern of the uniform so you can easily match up all your gear and stop looking like a rag tag militia and more like the professional, well-oiled military machine you strive to be.  At least on the Internet.

And of course, they match up *perfectly* with the colour and texture chameleon plate carriers released just last week.

Each set is a mere L$399, and if you just want to go crazy and issue new uniforms for your entire squad, section, platoon, battalion, division or army, group discounts are available on this as well as all OCS gear.As always, they're available at our main store located in The Omega Concern. (Where else?)