I seem to have a knack for releasing multiple things at once without intending to. So, in that spirit you get two new members to the OCS line, both being classics of their kind, the M1911A1 automatic and the M2 HB 50 caliber machine gun.

  • Where would you like to holster today?  Left, right, hip or shoulder holstered, the choice is yours.
  • Choose from 12 grip styles and 4 finishes (Stainless, black, blued or gold) and mix and match as you please.
  • HUD, chat or gesture controllable.
  • Fully Compatible with the Omega Combat System (OCS)
  • 13 Bullet Types including shield-breaking, smoke, thermonuclear, teleporting, flare and more.
  • Animations specifically developed to 'play nice' with existing animation overriders.

  • The famous 'Ma Deuce' 50 caliber machine gun.
  • Fully compatible with the Omega Combat System (OCS)
  • Realistic tracer effects, ricocheting bullets and barrel overheating to keep you and your targets on your toes.

Models are on display at TOC's main store, as always.