Allow Us to Introduce Your Boomstick.

The M2 Heavy Machine Gun Emplacement, a complete fixed 50 caliber MG and fortification package.

Features a customizable bunker system with sandbag walls, beam roof and camouflage netting, providing defense against bullets, blasts and shrapnel with OCS bunker protection.

Will it blend? Extra smooth: 12 selectable colors and 4 camouflage net patterns.

Pretty tracers for you to watch. Zinging ricochets for opponents to duck. And red hot barrels to keep life interesting.

Perfect for zone defense: 360 degree field of fire, usable by owner or group members.

LLCS damage compatible.

Available now. To purchase or view the model in-world, visit The Omega Concern's main store in Second Life.

The user manual is also available for your perusal.

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