It's our OCS virtual warfare economic stimulus package.  You asked for a way to play with OCS (because it kicks ass) without having to resort to virtual prostitution, and we heard you.  So, for a limited time, L$50 (or about what you can get camping for an hour) will get you a 416 D10RS rifle (OCS ammo only), a double pack of M67 grenades and an OCS HUD.

Available at TOC's main store in... The Omega Concern.  (Where else?)

Yet another update. This one corrects the fact that we somehow got the viewer and OCS HUD verification out of sync. This corrects that, and you can download it right here.

(Yes, the OSX version is lagging a bit.  If someone would like to donate a nice shiny Mac Pro for the cause, I'll send you my address. :P)

The OCS Viewer has been updated, and now does not require installation of the release candidate viewer, which should eliminate the issues we saw this week when the RC was updated.  Also, it's been fortified with essential vitamins and extra DLLs, so hopefully those who have been having errors previously will have better luck with it.

The viewer is available on the OCS viewer page.

 As always, thanks to Chalice Yao for her time and expertise. :)

Addendum: The viewer for Mac OSX also needs to be updated and shall be so shortly.