In an effort to increase our bandwidth in communicating with you, we are now on Twitter, under the nom de twit of @omegaconcern.  So now you may have a chance to get the jump on being the first kid on your street with a light machine gun (with which to terrorize all the other kids on the street, natch.)

The purpose of this post is to inform those who will be affected by a program I am about to launch which will disable the products of several hundred persons in Second Life. The heart of this issue stems from a security hole which has since been closed, but which allowed people using a viewer made to exploit this hole to transfer normally no-transfer items to other persons.

First, to those who have legitimately purchased a product from The Omega Concern or an authorized Apez reseller, if yours has been inadvertently disabled, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any transaction information you have and we will redeliver the affected products to you.

Second, for those who may have purchased a product from an unauthorized reseller, you have my sympathy, and I encourage you to file an abuse report against the person who fraudulently sold you a pirated product.  Further, if you care to come forward with the name of the agent from whom you purchased said product (email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), we are offering a 50% rebate from the current purchase prices should you choose to replace the disabled item.

Third, to those who knowingly exploited a security hole to redistribute products without the authorization of the creator of the items and thus the legal copyright holders, well, you should have known better.

In spite of it being closed for rebuilding for about, oh, 4 times longer than it should have been, FG is now reopened for players.  I do intend to continue to work with the sim, but not to such a degree as to shut the thing down again, but more in a gradual and even evolutionary way.  I really don't care to have the region closed for weeks on end again.  My main priority was simply to get the sim to a playable state.

I've temporarily suspended the requirement for the OCS viewer, in part because I want to investigate further implementations, and because I realize it's an additional burden on players.  However, cheats and poor sports can expect to get nuked from orbit.  Literally.



The Sirius Summer Sale was a Smashing Success.  Thank you all for your enthusiasm and obviously your business.  In light of how astoundingly well the sale went over, and in talking with customers and other A-List developers in SL, I've decided to do something TOC hasn't done before, and that's lowering what I consider the 'median price point' for the product line.

I don't know anybody who hasn't been negatively impacted by the global recession to some degree, and I think being in tune with the needs of our customers when many are trying to squeeze every last dollar/euro/real out of their entertainment expenses is important in the short term, and especially in the long term.  There are people who have been regular TOC customers since our first little store opened in May, 2006, and I hope that new people who have discovered us become part of the 'regulars' as well.

As you may know, TOC holding a sale is actually less of a common occurance than annual celestial events.  50% off pretty much everything (No, the OCS Starter Kit is still L$50.  I know, we're bleeding you dry.) and this sale runs from today until...  we decide it's time to end it. ;)