For those of you who have struggled, yes, I have heard you. I do realize the A-10 can be challenging, especially for those of you who are not used to an aircraft that behaves more like a simulation and less like a toy. So I wanted to make things easier on you. However, I will not dumb down the flight model because I think that's insulting your intelligence, and because as a licenced pilot myself, planes that don't fly like planes just look and feel totally wrong. So, version 1.0.3 introduces "ReCall". I'll let this excerpt from the manual tell you about it.

ReCall Crash Recovery

Yes, the A-10C has a fairly steep learning curve. To help you with the frustration of crashes that end up leaving you grounded and having to to back to the airfield, rez a new plane, go through startup and takeoff again, we have ReCall.

Every 10 seconds ReCall stores 'snapshots' of your position, speed, attitude, and angular momentum and lets you instantly "rewind" to these saved points. It stores two of these, so you can go back as far as 20 seconds in your flight.

To engage ReCall, use the included gesture (Shift-Z) or the chat command /5 recall. The plane will immediately go to the last stored snapshot. If this isn't suitable, issue the command again via chat or gesture.

Caveats: Once you recall a position, it is deleted. So if you go back two steps, you've cleared ReCall and will need 10 seconds before it has a snapshot again. Also, snapshots are wiped when you cross a region border - this is to prevent all kinds of evil. And ReCall will not function in OCS mode.