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The HUD has had its script and prim count reduced by about a third, which will help with asset server lag causing it to detach on login or during TPs.  It has also been compiled under mono with seemingly no ill-effects.  Things that no longer work under Havok 4 have been removed, but similar functions solutions such as Driver are in place.  Teleporting and all things that move around (including sim scan probes) go to 4096 meters.


Notable command changes:

  • Driver/DriveO - Driver or DriveO attacks affect either avatars or physical objects, respectively. They will 'drive' the target away, pursuing the target across sim lines and persisting in its attack for 60 seconds. It can be aborted with the 'end' command.
  • Kill - Kill is not the same kill that you knew and loved before Havok 4. This goes back to the original kill, which works in damage-enabled areas to deliver a clean, quick shield-bypassing kill.
  • Apocalypse - Apoc is following the same direction kill went in, delivering shield-bypassing kills sim-wide for three minutes, with the exception of those on your configured friend list.
  • SWC - Superwoodchuck has been reconfigured to again function as it did before Havok 4.
  • DeCloud - Sometimes, avies just won't load. Hopping onto this, or having someone else hop onto it, will force the viewer to refresh and reload clouded avatars.
  • Launch - Launch will throw any physical object from inside of the Omicron's inventory in the direction that you're facing, or for more accuracy, in the direction you are aiming in mouselook.  The command syntax is simply 'launch [velocity] [object name]' - and it will wildcard match the object name.  Try it out - 'launch 10 sink'
  • Eject - On your own land, or with land you have command over the Omicron Security Relay, the Eject command from the simscan menu (by clicking on an avatar's name) is hands down, total power to send people packing.  Nothing stops it, and it's all over in about two seconds.

This summary is pretty brief, but with the exception of where this supersedes the full Omicron manual, I trust that it will suffice for new and old users alike.  Most of the changes were 'under the hood' and made to be as transparent to the user as possible.


1.5 -> 1.5.1 (2009 June 10)


  • Rez positioning and rez proxy corrected for 4096m ceiling
  • Kill actually calls zKill now, as it should
  • Simscan dropdown options updated

 I would like to say thank you to everyone for their patience and encouragement over the last year. :)


And to all of The Omega Concern's customers...  You all gave me a better job than I'd ever hoped of having, and I love you all for it.  Thank you.