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Written by April Heaney   
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 18:44


LL tagged this issue as 'critical' so I am a little bewildered as to why a fix for this hasn't been out yet. Therefore, you're all getting helicopter updates this weekend.  The Alligator, Hind and Black Hawk are done, the Viper and WAH-64 are next.

And the six of you who read the update notes and manuals will notice that you can turn off the anti-littering self-delete by selecting"AutoDel" from the options menu. This option is intended for those who wish to display the aircraft on land they lease or group owned land, where they are not the technical landowners.

This feature will be coming to the land vehicles shortly as well.



As was brought to my attention, some OCS vehicles were registering damage upon sim border crossings. After investigating this issue, I determined that the vehicle was colliding with the pilot themselves upon crossing, which is obviously unwanted SL physics behaviour, and filed a bug report with Linden Lab.  They have been able to reproduce this bug, categorized it as "Major" and have triaged it to MAINT-3517.

So a fix is on the way. I'll update this when I find out when it will be deployed, most likely to the RC channels first.

Winter Sale 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by April Heaney   
Saturday, 04 January 2014 05:13

As is becoming our twice annual tradition, it's time for some discounts!

For January 4 and 5,  you can save up to 50% off our most popular products at our main store.

And if you've missed out on any of our recent releases such as the T-90, Ka-52, or MV-22 Osprey, you will find links to each of their lovely brochures here.

New Release: MV-22 Osprey PDF Print E-mail
Written by April Heaney   
Friday, 11 October 2013 08:14

At long last! And your pretty, pretty brochure.

Site Upgrades and Maintenance PDF Print E-mail
Written by April Heaney   
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 21:31

Hi All! Just wanted to write a few words about why the site and some services such as OCS in Second Life have been flaky the past couple of days.

Our web server had a bit of a problem yesterday (Monday, July 15) that took approximately 10 hours to resolve and get everything back up and running again.  This took down both the site and services, unfortunately.  We are also working on migrating the current site to new software, so there may be periods of time where the webpages are not accessible, but services (such as OCS) remain functioning normally.

Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

New Release: Ka-52 Alligator PDF Print E-mail
Written by April Heaney   
Friday, 21 June 2013 22:13

Ka-52 Release

A brochure with pretty pictures? Absolutely.

New Release: T-90 Main Battle Tank PDF Print E-mail
Written by April Heaney   
Wednesday, 01 May 2013 01:49

And an attractive glossy brochure to go with it.


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