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Looking for ideas.... PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 04 September 2015 19:06

Heya Folks,

Heres your chance to submit your ideas for Fulda gap. If there is something you would like to see, suggestions on builds, ideas etc, Please drop them to me inworld via notecard or send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Some of the ideas we have been kicking around are like:

1-Combat shuttle service

Allow crew of UH-60 or Osprey to ferry players into Fulda Gap for fast rope/parachute drops for tips in Linden Dollars.

2-Assigning drones to teams

This would allow drones to fight against you but also for you.

3-Second bridge entrace

To allow vehicles to enter Fulda via multiple routes.

Let me know what you would like to see.

Please keep recommendations to Fulda gap only and NOT changes to OCS.



Cooperation Agreement and Player vs Player combat Rules. PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 27 March 2015 01:49

The Fulda Gap Cooperation Agreement is required reading before entry into The Fulda Gap Region. Failure to read and understand this agreement will not be an acceptable excuse for violation of this agreement.

Each special event that is held inside Fulda gap may also have additional rules which you will be expected to read and abide. Failure to abide by the either the Cooperation Agreement or Rules for these events may result in your removal from event or other such actions decided by Game Managers on a case by case basis.

Player versus Player combat inside Fulda Gap whether special event or open combat shall always be guided by the Player vs Player Competition rules.

Fulda Gap and OCS strive for realism. We ask all players to keep in mind the adage "If you would not be able to perform an action in real life, then please do not perform that action in Fulda Gap".

If at any time you do not understand or need clarification, please speak to a Game Manager.

Halloween Havok 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 October 2014 21:13

Halloween Havoc @ Fulda Gap

Saturday November 1st 2014

Start Time: 12 pm SLT.

End Time: 6 pm SLT.

Deep in the bowels of Fulda Gap, an experiment by The Omega Concern has gone seriously wrong. The Artificial Intelligence computer has hacked into the local satellite network on this Halloween and assimilated the horror movies of this era into its core. Emulating these movies it has created horrible minions that it has released into the Gap to seize control.

Individual or teams hunt while under fire. Find 5 special computer chips hidden inside Fulda Gap and return them for a prize each. You must search the gap to find the boxes they are hidden in and retrieve them while under fire from both drones and other contestants. Play is limited to a max of 24 contestants at a time.

Prizes: 3 boxes with Rifle of YOUR choice cards

2 boxes with Vehicle of YOUR choice cards

Each winning box also includes an OCS starter kit 2012 for a friend (must never have played in OCS before)

Deep in the bowels of Fulda Gap, an experiment by The Omega Concern has gone seriously wrong. The Artificial Intelligence computer has hacked into the local satellite network on this Halloween and assimilated the horror movies of this era into its core. Emulating these movies it has created horrible minions that it has released into the Gap to seize control.

It is your duty to put an end to this threat by infiltrating the gap under cover of disguise and retrieve 5 microchips lost in transit and return them to Omega Concern to regain control of the master computer.

The microchips were being transported in unmarked cases along with 50 cases of chips used to control the Gaps sewage recovery system.

Find these 5 chips and save us all.

Tank Drones PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 August 2013 00:18

Update 2014-01-25:

I have done a fairly significant update on how the drones determine line of sight, to hopefully prevent them from shooting through walls that they are right up against, due to the origin of their raycasts for targeting. It works very well in the lab, but as usual, let me know if they're behaving poorly in public. :)

Update 2013-08-31:

A few tweaks to the tank drones and the system that coordinates them:

A couple of you had mentioned getting 30mm fire up your nose when you were dismounted, and hadn't been in a vehicle at all, but the tank drones were out due to another player's vehicle. This is due to them occasionally engaging dismounted players if they saw the opportunity, but was happening simply too often. Corrected, let me know if they're still being all crazy.

Tank drones "stranded" after all vehicle activity has left the sim. If vehicles aren't seen in the sim for a few minutes, the tank drones will now exit.

And last, the old saw about drones engaging and shooting through walls. First, keep in mind the 30mm rounds they use are explosive and will affect you through walls, especially when you're right up against one. I have written these such that drones only engage when they have line of sight, to which walls are not conducive. (I know! Who knew?) However, if you're right up against a prim and one is on the other side, it's possible that its raycasting to determine if it has line-of-sight on you will begin and end inside of that object you're both up against. I do pay attention to that and have adjusted its raycast to try to try to prevent these "technically correct but logically unreasonable" line of sight issues. Also, keep in mind that "destroyed" walls are phantom (i.e. don't block objects or raycasts) and offer you no cover at all. Destroyed walls are easy to suss out, because they look, well, destroyed. :)

If you think you're getting detected and/or shot through walls with projectiles, IM me (April Heaney) or any GM on at the time and mention it. We'll look into it, because it is unwanted behaviour.

Officially, these are "Type G" drones (the other drones being "Type F") which we have introduced after agreeing with some of you that if a drone is going to hit like a tank, it ought to look like a tank.

The smaller Type F drones have been somewhat disarmed, and are now more equal to infantry in armament. The new drones are the ones carrying the heavier weapons.

The new drones will only be deployed when players are using air or armour assets in Fulda Gap.

They will generally disregard dismounted infantry, unless you do something to get their attention. You know, like, fire upon them.

The tank drones are considerably harder to kill, but that shouldn't be a problem, since you're probably using an attack helicopter or tank yourself, right? Also, they're worth twice as many points.

As are all of the drones, these are very much "in progress" and you can expect their behaviours to change while we get them tuned up. :)

Fulda Gap Player versus Player Combat Scheduled Events PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 August 2013 05:48

As many of you know, for over a year now Fulda Gap has been hosting Player vs. Player Combat events multiple times per week. Based on your input we have modified these events to provide not only a fair and balanced activity, and we are now going to be rewarding prizes for an incentive as well.

Several information boards around the region have been replaced with a media on a prim style scoreboard that will display a Health Point (HP) score and is resettable by Game Managers at the start and end of each event. This HP score is a sum of how many health points you have gained or lost through combat during the event time. This will determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of each event. Prizes for events may vary at any time but to start this new cycle of Player versus Player events prizes will be Linden Dollars (L$) payable to winner immediately at the end of each event. Payment of all prizes are at the discretion of staff and administration.

We have analyzed several issues that have appeared during the last year during player vs. player combat and have established the following rules for these Player vs. Player events to ensure a fair and balanced play for all.

Update on Fulda Gap Drones PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 04 August 2013 03:28

Aside from a new camouflage scheme, the FG drones have gotten some significant behavioral changes this week which you may just want to know about.

The biggest change is that the "Fire Rating" for the sim is a secondary factor in how aggressive the drones will be. The primary factors are the individual players' levels and Reputation score. Thus, the drones will tailor for you a personalized combat experience. This will also help to curb the issue of particularly effective or mounted players driving the Fire Rating through the roof, and causing dismounted or less experienced players sheer hell.

The caveat being of course, if you're ahead of the curve in levels or Rep points, they're going to be more difficult for you by default. But, as our GM Daren so philosophically pondered, "In what universe did you play a game that didn't get harder as you went along?"

They have also been adjusted to scale up their attacks more gradually, so that they will stick to lower-damage munitions like the gatling gun and 40mm grenades before going for the larger ordinance like the rockets and mortars. Their relative accuracy is also lower at the lowest levels, gradually increasing to near sniper skill at the top of the range.

The 12.5mm cannon rounds directed against aircraft will be less frequent and are subject to the same accuracy scale described above. Aircraft can now look forward to not having Hellfire missiles directed at them. Instead, aircraft can also look forward to engagement by surface-to-air missiles. Fear not, these are relatively low-damage, so you should be able to take multiple hits, and they can be mitigated with countermeasures such as flares and terrain masking.

And it is worth repeating: We are listening and watching and the drones are very much always 'in progress'. Everything that is done is done with a lot of thought into how to make the experience a good one for new players and experienced players, as well as consistent and logical with OCS as a whole. Constructive feedback is great. It helps us understand the balance of game play and how we can further adjust not just the drones, but the entire play environment.

Explain it like I'm five: OCS Scoring Edition PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 27 July 2013 04:41

There has been some confusion lately in regard to how OCS experience and reputation points are gained and lost. While this information is available in the OCS HUD manual, I just wanted to go over it here with some examples. A few people have no idea what they're talking about and unfortunately have used their ignorance to ignite a conflagration of confusion. Consider this your lifesaving water bomber.

For these examples, we're going to use two theoretical players, Jack and Jill. Jack is level 10 with 1900 reputation points. Jill is level 2 with 900 reputation points.

Experience points are awarded by taking hit points from other players. As you gain experience points, you will ascend in levels. The difference in levels between two combatants is taken into account for scoring experience points, such that to a lower-level player, a higher-level player is worth more experience, and vice-versa. Thus:

Jill shoots Jack, causing Jack to lose 50 hit points.

From this exchange, Jill gains 58 experience points (XP). Why does Jill gain 58 XP? Because Jill is 8 levels below Jack, she gets a bonus of about 17%. Had Jack taken 50 hit points from Jill, he would have only gained 42 XP, because of this level difference.

Reputation points (i.e. Rep Points) are won in much the same way as experience points, with several important differences. When you take damage, you will lose a number of them and the player who dealt that damage will be rewarded that same number. The amount transferred is calculated by the amount of damage dealt. Zero is the minimum number of Rep Points you may have, and if you have zero points, an attacking player will receive exactly zero Rep Points from you.

Reputation points (Rep) are different from XP in that they are transacted between players and there is a finite number. The amount transacted depends on which side of the damage you're on (i.e. shooter or target) and how many hit points are lost by the target.

In the Jill shoots Jack exchange, Jack would lose 50 Rep, and Jill would gain 50 Rep, causing Jack to end up with 1850 Rep, and Jill to have 950 Rep. If Jack had no reputation points at all, Jill would not receive any at all, but she would still gain the experience points.

The drones of Fulda Gap work the exact same way. The OCS system considers the drones to be a single player, named "FG Drone Pool." It is from this pool that reputation points are won and lost. If the pool runs out of rep points (which happens) nobody will gain reputation points from shooting drones. Experience points will continue to be won, however.

Another point about the drones is that there is a delay of five (5) minutes between destroying a drone and getting the Rep and XP for it. During this time, if you leave the region, you will not get Rep or XP for that drone. Now, you wonder why that is. It's to address a specific problem, which falls into the category of "formula play" or "gaming the system."

Why should we care about gaming the system? Because we care about players' entertainment derived from OCS, and know that if someone finds a way to leverage some attribute to their advantage, they can't resist doing so. Unfortunately, this also quickly leads to all the fun going out of it. Ever use cheat codes on a game? It's the death knell for that game's entertainment value for you, almost 100% of the time.

So, curse us when we move things around or change how things behave a little and suddenly your ritual doesn't work anymore. But we do so with good intentions.

Hopefully, this clears things up. If you have further questions, feel free to ask a GM or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your questions.

The New Drones of Fulda Gap PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 November 2012 17:55

Drone Type F

As some of you have surely already noticed, we've introduced a new drone type (Type F for those of you keeping score at home) to prowl about the Gap for your combat pleasure.  Change is hard, especially when you've become very comfortable with the old drones which have been retired. So, hopefully this post will make it a little easier.



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