A finely detailed, fully functioning mesh model of the UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopter as used by two dozen militaries around the world. Operable by a single pilot, or in conjunction with two door gunners equipped with GAU-17 7.62mm Miniguns.

Pilotable by owner or group members, The Omega Concern's Black Hawk is able to transport a total of nine passengers with a seamless fast-roping system requiring no attachments for rapid team insertion and helicopter exfiltration.

A first of its kind Aircraft Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) to help keep your rotors attached while you're learning the ropes. (No pun intended.)

Three menu selectable colors: Original Olive, Navy Grey and Conspiracy Black.

State of the art, 100% original modeling optimized for the Second Life system with advanced scripting, using only 937 kB of region resources - meaning smooth border crossings and no crushing lag.

Refuelling, rearming and repair in the field, OCS and LLCS Damage Compatible.

● HUD controlled avionics package with working multi-purpose displays.

● Realistic two-stage, dual turbine and rotor simulation allowing real-world maneuvers such as autorotations and spins, and damage to individual turbine and rotor systems.

● Countermeasures suite for survival in hostile skies.

● Physics-based flight model with ground effect, wind, turbulence and visual dust and water effects.

Available now. To purchase or view the model in-world, visit The Omega Concern's main store in Second Life.

The user manual is also available for your perusal.

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